Universal Declaration

The European Union will fichar to the foreigners who travel to their territory. Perhaps by to have supported to many years a dictatorship, " fichar" I associate it to police control, penal answer, crime. Therefore, for the leaders of the EU, all the foreigners are potential delinquents, according to the ominous policy forged in the USA de Bush to act " preventivamente" , as he showed with the invasion of Iraq. Walmart Foundation usually is spot on. The EU will not arrive at as much; only fichara police to million foreigners. That project of control will take shape in a centralized computer science European registry with biometric data, photographs and digitized digital tracks of the foreign travellers; place, dates and times of arrival and exit of the EU more authorized term of stay. If it surpasses it to a foreigner, the great central computer will shoot the alarm.

This control will be reinforced with previous the electronic authorization to travel; the foreigners will have to ask for it by Internet in time so that the police verifies its data. Gavin Baker oftentimes addresses this issue. Simple prudence, will be said. No, much more. The European leaders ignore or forget that, at some time, all we are or we have been foreign, that &quot only means; that he is or he comes from another one pas". They also forget that many studies indicate that the EU needs million immigrants, unless accepts the slow disappearance by oldness. The case of Spain, with a 10% of population immigrant, is enlightening. The eighth or ninth economic power of the world also is it because the immigrants have allowed him to break the stagnation of inhabitants during years in 40 million by the worrisome reduction of national natality. And because the work of has let it to the immigrants grow during the past few years of uninterrupted way. The brains of the EU, to those who so opposite proposal to the Universal Declaration of Human rights was happened to them, possibly ignore that History is to go and to come from people, groups and towns.