A small called tiger Thunder had a time. Descendant of the real family of the tigers of India, Thunder logos if would become the king of its people. With long Calda and great stripes formed it well represented what he has of better in being a tiger. Tigresinho was at this time exploring the alone forest for the first time. stopped to talk with a smart monkey that was seated in a tree.

The two had spoken on time and on the plants and in everything they had given themselves very well only in a point had disagreed: if she was better to be tiger or if she was better to be monkey. The monkey argued: same _Melhor is to be monkey! I can go up for the trees! In what the prince tiger talked back: _Como tiger I also can go up in trees. still I am fierce and I can scare everybody! _S will be later that you to grow! For the time being you do not scare nor butterfly! as monkey I can eat all the babanas that I will be able! _Eca! I detesto banana! Tigers do not eat this! But then monkey was very offended (therefore all know that the bananas are sacred for the monkeys) and decided to appeal with intelligence: to _Ser tiger is not with nothing! moreover stripes are old-fashioned! Principezinho not wise person what to say! It did not want to walk old-fashioned! It decided then that if bookstore of those stripes and then the monkey went to only see! But as? First it tried to take a mud bath. The mud gosmento covered all the stripes. it _Viu, monkey, now I I do not have more stripes! I am in fashion and the tigers are the best ones! The monkey laughed at tigrinho: _Voc seems a mud cake with legs! The small tiger decided that it was not a good idea. It took a river bath and if it exempted of all that mud. What it would make to get rid itself of those stripes? _Raspe for! I would scrape if I had these horrorosas stripes! It said the monkey. the prince was gives to scrape all for the one of its body when the mother tiger arrived: _O that it is happening here? _Mame! The monkey said that to be monkey it is better that to be tiger! that stripes are old-fashioned! Then I tried cobriz them with mud and I there did not give certain I went to scrape for the rejection lying _Macaco! The stripes are the pride of the tigers, Thunder, you it has that to have pride of being who you are independent of the people to like or not of as you look like yourself! how much to be better to be monkey or tiger I already said: however it may be either who you is! But it seems that today the monkey was smarter and deceived one principezinho silly.