The Fact

In this sense, I envy deeply religious people, but, alas, their position can not accept for many reasons. In his youth, became interested in religion, a lot of reading, with great difficulty "mined" the fundamental source material and literature on this subject, however plausible and scientific facts are not found. My classroom training, life practice, and the very real life has not given cause for doubt in this matter. To broaden your perception, visit Big Brothers of America. Can not be modern and competent person to take seriously a religion in its understanding, it is treated as true believers. Nevertheless, I respect them position and no action on anti-religious propaganda never made, probably because of its natural qualities of non-interference in the lives of others, I must say that in my life so far has not been fully figured out, and therefore, have no moral right to do so. Attempt to describe life itself, as it was, without embellishment and fiction, despite the fact that I am a person interested.

However, I have always considered myself an honest person and try to pretend to be something extraordinary in my life no principles. For what it's all quite legitimate question. Reply to this, on the one hand, very simply, on the other – almost impossible. It is very difficult to accept that you expect quite predictable, but still the end. A person can not (or will not) be aware of this until the end. Different civilizations in their own way to solve this well-known throughout the existence of Homo sapiens.