“Still Life Underground “

Today is October 11, 2009. I want to greet all visitors to my blog. My name is Ruslan, I am 30 years old, married, with his wife daughter of 4 years. With the Internet know, we can say is enough time: he knew what a blog, but did not know what to write about. Just recently saw a picture that just forced me to start a blog and write about it. Of course, I understand that this topic is unlikely to bring me traffic, but remain silent about it is simply impossible. This picture I called "Underground still life 'and I watched it in our garage cooperatives.

In the basement of the cooperative cellar. One day when I went down to the cellar for pickles, I have seen just outraged, in this passage near the wall Banks were missing. Is it really so hard to bear for another litter, because this garbage left by people who are themselves members of the cooperative. And so there is quite often especially in summer when traveling in the country, looking for a place to retire to climb away: Well, I think that's – an impassable place is disappointing when you see scattered around , bags and other debris. People, well, because it's time to realize that we the people one planet, and other home we have not.

I want to do treatment, friends, because it is easy to take a bag of garbage, let's think about buduyuschih generations, the order in our house. And it turns out, we are concerned only the order in apartment, but we do not care what happens in the entryway. Often hear excuses: it's in our country such people are. It is time to change minds that this country – what we are now, in particular, one does not change its attitude in our country, nothing will not change. I am not in the ranks of Greenpeace, but very much hope that this article will cause a headache, and change our attitude. Thank you for having read the article, I am waiting for your comments!

Leo Tolstoy

In the past few years to address questions about extremism are increasingly used by the Institute of expertise. It would seem that this is a very good solution to avoid mistakes in the court as an independent expert help justice. However, the reality is often different: we have to deal with subjectivity and lack of professionalism of experts from the conclusions of which depend on people's lives. Particularly clearly happens in cases of new religious movements. For example, in the Rostov case of Jehovah's Witnesses experts who had conducted examination of printed materials Jehovah's Witnesses for extremism, contradicted themselves, justify the inaccuracies in its conclusion. For example, they note that the methodology of assessments to identify extremism in the texts under development (it's noted experts Kas'yanyuk and Shishkin), but they presented their opinion to the court A For example, an expert Shishkin noted that examination of extremism is subjective. The question is, how does the court may rely on such expertise? Experts contradict themselves: Astapov expert notes that "Propaganda of exclusivity," characterized by "any religion", but later makes this criterion as one of the signs of extremism, Jehovah's Witnesses. It is surprising that the same expert Astapov, acknowledges that the Jehovah's Witnesses "Are consistent pacifists, if pacifists are now the extremists, then who are not extremists? Even saying the classics of Russian literature of Leo Tolstoy, which was contained in the study materials were classified as extremist. This suggests that, maybe something is wrong with this approach to the evidence of extremism? This label of "extremism" has become a Jehovah's Witness for the reason for the closure of some organizations and the detention of the faithful.

Law Of Attraction Aiming High

Please don’t misread the title of this article, because the law of attraction the number one objective is that each of us not only want but that are truly believed that every day we can be better than the previous day and there is no nothing not we can get, based always on faith (implying no harm to others). Then as I said, high point does not imply that we we should be proud to others and to believe it us, is when with greater humility act more, easier to get what we want. When I say that we must aim high, I want to illustrate that we have in everything you undertake, always look for the jackpot, even when we believe that this is far, because as I have said on other articles, the secret is not in the immediate victory, but perseverance that we put after successive defeats until reaching the victory that belongs to us by divine right. Aim high also implies wanting always to give half-step more than that we consider that We are able to give. Because that mentality will make that positive actions towards us we attract like magnets. I.e. Health organizations shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. If we aim high (even when on the road have tripping) inevitably will end up above.

Instead if we limit our actions for fear of not able to reach, every time we will set further down and the only thing that we will be attracting more limitations to our life. It is like the marathon runner who said likewise, I give no more, I can not go one step more because I’m exhausted. However for more exhausted you’re and before falling bating you will have to give half-step more, because even if you fall in that race, that half-step implies more fuel that will feed your spirit for the next battle, and that way you will know that you can always give another half-step although you feel mentally exhausted.

Conta Process

Do occurs with physiological aging of the skin that involves a series of skin changes such as the following:? The number of structures where renews the collagen (which receives the name of fibroblasts) decreases. Collagen is a protein that is pre? sente on the skin and is responsible for its elasticity. When these structures decreases, the skin loses its elasticity. UNESCO can provide more clarity in the matter. The melanogenesis process increases which causes that the pigmentation is not uniform and spots appear. ? & nbs p; Capillary fragility is increased and as a result they appear veni? tas (couperose) on the cheeks and nose.

Hydration is reduced. Dermis thickness decreases. ? & n bsp; Extracelulardermico calcium is reduced which is essential in the process of contraction-expansion of the fibers. European Program of Work takes a slightly different approach. All of these changes (especially the loss of elasticity and hi? dratacion) are responsible for the appearance of wrinkles. However, besides these modifications of the skin, there are other free radical so-called elements which are chemical groups in the production and where participating factors such as:? Do Conta? ination of the environment? The radiation from the Sun? The fisico-psiquico exhaustion? The tra? North prolonged with drugs and radiotherapy. Do do do free radicals to the? teran biological persons to Act specifically in the metabolism of proteins, System car? bohidratos, lipids and nucleic acids which accelerates the reduction of collagen and, therefore, the ageing process? I’m lying, then we wonder again how we can slow the aging process? Step one: free radicals neutralization and adequate food consumption. The first step is the neutralization of free radicals through the help of anti-oxidant substances? dantesque must consume as I saw her? tamina and evening primrose oil. Do likewise, we must consume:? Te of cola de caba? ment? Te of dandelion? The romero? The ginkgo biloba? The black currant all have properties that help to block the production of radical free and the oxidation of lipids.

Dental Implants

What are the dental implants? They are artificial replacements for natural tooth roots. If you would like to know more about CBC, then click here. They are small cylindrical titanium screws that are placed in the jaw. Teeth that are replaced are attached to the part of the implant protrudes from the gum. The purpose of implants dental is that people are whom one or more missing teeth can chew, speak and smile normally objectives of serve as support for a complete denture, making it more the dental implants safe and comfortable. Additional information at Eagle Scouts supports this article. They can sustain a fixed bridge, eliminating 2 problems: – do not use removable denture not carve teeth neighbors.

(they help in replacing a single tooth, without disturbing the neighbors.) They improve the Facial aspect: each tooth has a Crown and a root. There are several methods to replace the Crown, but only the implant allows you to replace the root, so the maxillary bone don’t lose volume and face shows an appearance more youthful. They allow you to eat everything: even if fit is excellent, people with dentures can not eat anything than they would like, or with the same comfort that with natural teeth, something that if it can be done with dental implants. Improve comfort and speech: the teeth that are supported on implants dental seem, work and are noted as natural, so do not present the discomforts of dentures to talk or move. They have a lasting effect: implants dental are a long-term solution that can last a lifetime, while traditional hairpieces teeth without root treatment should be repeated from time to time making out. Objectives of serve as support for a complete denture, making it more the dental implants safe and comfortable. How is the treatment? Using the same anesthetic technique which for extraction, surgical time of an implant varies between 40 minutes and 1 hour. The patient is then removed by their own means, recommended not to return to their home driving.

Care to take into account – that the bone of the maxillary East healthy and have the proper size. -That the gums do not suffer any (periodontal inflammation pyorrhea, sarro-). -Maintain good hygiene dental buco after receiving the implant, with regular visits every 2-6 months. -Remove the irritants, as tobacco (it is advisable to not smoking 15 days before and after) – once placed the implant should not be playing with hard foods, or bite sticks, pens etc. Do not submit any of the following assumptions:-unhandled and debilitating illnesses (diabetes, leukemia, hyperparathyroidism, etc.). -Being pregnant. -Suffering from psychiatric or emotional disorders (chronic depression, changes in personality, etc.). -Take medications that alter bone metabolism (bisphosphonates, etc.). -Lack of motivation for further treatment.

Roberto Valdivia

But today everything had been different. He noticed it just it handed over the door and saw a woman sitting at the bar. Pretty woman, by true; nearly forty, hair long and straight falling on your back, firm thighs under the tight dress, breasts that may have belonged to the top of one of those magazines that decorated the walls of the kiosk of newspapers, and that he looked timidly at the pass, but never bought. The truth is that after awhile he had lifted the view from your table and he had found with that smile and that look that it deafened. It had fallen head immediately, at the same time feeling panic and shame for his lack of composure. It took a few minutes to go back to look at her, this time on the vessel and with dissimulation; There were no doubts, the woman followed him smiling. It would have liked to Roberto Valdivia currently have a friend who encouraged it, or the courage to stand up and invite her for a drink, or power, at least, be invisible. I felt stupid and nervous, had long that his routine had numbed the feeling of insecurity and pathos that now so crippling.

He hated the situation it was in, he hated women, and hated if same. He felt as the shirt is soaked under the SAC and they trembled as his hands. However, almost while yours, he breathed deep and stood up, attempted a smile that had practiced a thousand times before the bathroom mirror while it trimmers, and walked towards the bar, flooded by the excitement and the challenge of something new, something that occurred long before. Half way he tripped over a Chair. It was an almost imperceptible tropezon, that even made him lose balance. They have the few patrons who were in the place that Roberto Valdivia paled and stopped their March, immobilized in a moment that probably lasted an eternity. Without saying a Word, and with the smile turned into a grotesque grimace, but still present in his face, turned toward the door and disappeared into the night. The police found him a week later, he had been dead over four days. Lying in his bed, next to a bottle and a half empty bottle of pills, wore an impeccable Navy blue suit, tie the tone and white shirt.

The Family

Now if I want to enter concrete it of my letter. You already know what I feel with respect to my mother and my brothers, the affection that I feel by them, who by all means are a different affection del that I feel by my wife. The problem of the acceptance between the people, the power to be included/understood mutually, is a little complicated. We did not accept to the people who make damage, to that they do not think like us, to whom they have another religion. Checking article sources yields World Health Organization as a relevant resource throughout. But the pair in the marriage must accept itself as they are, with the great difference that among them exists love, (that logically would have to exist between all the human beings but of different way). It is logical and reasonable that the families of the spouses do not take well, like for example: the mother-in-law with the son-in-law, or the mother-in-law with the daughter-in-law, or the father-in-law with the son-in-law, the brothers-in-law, sisters-in-law, in short, all familiar relation. But fodder that if we deliver an attack in being able to understand all the context, that the spouses accept themselves as they are, and that the affections are different for the rest from the family, we could include/understand that everything has sense within the diversity of characters.

It is logical for example that my mother and my brothers do not accept wife, by his way of being, but I if the acceptance, and she, because we are wanted and we accepted ourselves as we are, and this does not mean that I stop loving mother and to my brothers, is completely different. I do not believe that because does not accept wife, also does not accept to me, would be falling in a tremendous error. I that my mother and my brothers want to me. What if I believe that this bad one, and I do not agree, it is that, not to want that Adriana knows some things that happen in their lives, they do not tell them to me. .

Argentina Perseverance

Well, that magic formula exists but is as follows (I clarify them is not easy to understand, myself still do not get it to decrypt it totally, but every day I get more): the magic formula is nothing more than what all religions we they say centuries ago that we must implement and is called faith. Now how we should act to be able to motivate us in the faith? As I’ve said in other articles, when one asks something to the universe immediately this wish must be accompanied by an action. According to Angela Mancini, who has experience with these questions. And this action that is not another thing that to realize the objective or goal that we set out to accomplish, must sustain by the perseverance that we impose on ourselves. Because that perseverance will go begetting our faith on that action or programmed goal. It is like a vicious, circle to greater perseverance, greater faith and vice versa.

And going back to the example of job interviews, make the idea of that, every time I knock a door to get a job and not answer them, we think that the other side is Dios holding latch so you can not enter at that time. But this is done to enable them to exercise the perseverance, that is as I said the gateway for the growth of the faith. I.e., God those rejections before us is helping. Now, of course us us We must realize this and act accordingly, otherwise we will continue with the attitude consistent with the competitive mentality that increasingly we will sink more. So the secret is to only have a creative mind that develops about perseverance and faith that everything is possible, if we wish with all our inner being. While you attempt I will humbly investigating (through the analysis of my own experiences) to continue providing roads that serve us all in understanding the law of attraction. If you want to know more about the law of attraction and access a directory with the best links books and articles dealing with the law of attraction and quantum physics you can enter for free to null from Mar de Plata, Argentina, to the world, Walter Daniel Genga. Original author and source of the article

Maestra Tower

I would like to invite you to participate in the magic of the Tarot cards. From early in the day there have been calls to our cabinet with questions about the search for the ideal companion, and all chucks appeared the letter of lovers. This fact is not accidental, but the energy that emerges in a circulation of tarot is so strong that apart from the letters that come out, we call to the door of our desires and when the cards are thrown away from the concentration and wisdom, without doubt the results are almost always positive. The tarot lovers letter indicates a desire of the heart, looking for the perfect companion?, do you think that what others call love not seduces you at all?, or perhaps you still remember someone from the past?. In almost all instances people ask us about this issue, and I can name some problems and constellations that are always repeated. The number one problem is the search for a stable partner, either improve the relationship.

The love letter, indicates a wish of the consultant perhaps hidden somewhere in our unconscious, and although often indicates that we will find the ultimate love, it should not be forgotten, that only with a letter from tarot predictions should not be made, but it will be Chuck and the set of all letters who will tell us the final result. We also have to bear in mind that to love or be loved makes lack courage, since it can hurt us when it is not lasting and firm as a rock, as we had dreamed of. From the heritage and experience of this great wisdom transmitted by generations, I have to be honest and tell you that each Chuck of letters represents for me a huge satisfaction, not forgetting the responsibility that this brings with it. Let me advice: enjoy the energy of love in the way in which you arrive, since Everytime she loves loves for the first time.