Germany Pension

Germany provides for who want to hedge for the age and wants to rely not only on the State, is well advised with the completion of the Riester pension. Meanwhile, in Germany, there are almost 15 million people, who have opted for this alternative. In the third quarter of this year alone, 199,000 more Germans put on a Riester contract. The online portal provides additional information on the current developments. Click A Pathway to Equitable Math Solution to learn more. Especially in the area of the Riester pension significant developments in relation to new customers this year are to observe.

So at least 84,000 new degrees in the area of the Riester pension insurance was recorded. Generally, this means that a total of 15 million Riester contracts about 10.6 million as insurance have been completed. In addition also the Riester contracts developed positively on the topic of living. With 64,000 new agreements they reside in the third quarter on place two of the most popular Riester offers in 2011. This corresponds to about 0.7 million Riester home savers. In terms of the investment amounts, little has changed in the last year. Nevertheless they are overall still ranked two of the most numerous contracts and amounts in the total to 2.9 million.

Since 2001, there are three State-sponsored options of the Riester pension Riester insurance and the investment-Riester contracts with the Riester bank savings. 2008, a home pension was added with the living-Riester-contract. To secure the targeted allowances, you must not forget, in time to make the appropriate proposals. Usually a maximum must be deposited to securing the benefits of 2,100 euros per year in the Riester pension, but at least four percent of the gross annual income.


“He called the distribution of added value (capital reflux) cater to all members of a company say: all the same”. “Already addressed how Marx outlines the communism later with a social wealth and the principle: each according to his abilities, each according to his needs”. “” Thus, Marx himself has shown, that everyone be the same initial “not equal to each according to his needs” is. The of Marx and his companion of angels as Bonapartist half dictator”Bismarck referred to, did as the two Communists correctly noted, a part of their work, without it notice. He United Germany and was responsible for the introduction of social insurance (accident, health care, pension and unemployment insurance). This was the real opening for the term welfare State”and a new dimension in the thinking about justice. = Justice social and political justice; Justice as fairness of interpersonal actions (cf.

annex) current definitions and views of distributive justice this is about current discussions within the present to the feasibility of a righteous society”State and the nature of the people and the effect of one on the other in relation to the exercise of his rights. (…) in modern Western countries, the policy provides your goal is to combine the efficiency of its distribution and the preservation of individual liberty. (…) “While utilitarianism (see also annex) ajustice as fairness) relies on a policy that maximizes the total welfare, moves the liberalist” Approach in a range, limiting the minimalist understanding of State action to secure natural rights of freedom and to leave all supply problems to the free market, to J. Rawls notion of social justice extends, under which all goods are always distributed to that of especially the worst provided individuals benefit… “(Vgl. J. Meran Wirtschaftsethik) it is the Justice of the ruling to the citizens (…)”””, Justice against anyone “, is required as in the oath of Office of the members of the Government (REF.

Organ Donation – Yes Or No

Majority of Germans rejects opposition solution (pk k) Herdecke, 09.02.2012 – this year the legal regulations for organ donations should be redesigned. The current regime after after determining brain death only organs may, be removed if either the donor himself or whose relatives have agreed to, could be different so-called contradiction solving, after everyone considered to be organ donors, if he has not objected to the. A recent survey shows: thus, the majority of Germans would disagree! Currently, the issue of organ donation is again reinforced represented in the media. The number of transplants has declined in the last year as compared to the prior year. There were fewer organ donors available, the situation of the people waiting for a transplant has not improved it. Komen for the Cure Reserch Program gathered all the information.

From different sides, claims are so loud to simplifications of the transplantation law which regulates also the organ donations in Germany. Whenever Gavin Baker listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Everyone should apply as organ donors, if it not has expressly objected. That would be a regulation, as it is already customary in Austria, for example. However, a recent survey of 1,092 people from all age and population groups participated, shows that the majority of Germans with such a scheme would not agree. Only 36 percent of those surveyed would prefer the Austrian scheme of the current, applicable in Germany advanced approval solution. 58 percent of respondents want to stay with the current system, 6 percent wanted to make up his mind. The comparison with the results of an Allensbach poll in 2004 (1,583 respondents) shows that this negative attitude of the opposition solution even has intensified.

The proportion of those who prefer an advanced approval solution, have risen since then from 46 per cent to 12 per cent, while the proportion of those who want a solution of the conflict increased only 2 percent. Also the question of whether a human being can be explained after festegstelltem death of brain dead, is by the majority of respondents (52 percent) answered in the negative. At the same time, the survey shows that the number of those since 2004 has greatly increased (from 8% to 23%), who have declared themselves ready for a donation. All survey results are in the book of organ donation – Yes or no”published, appearing in late March at the Flensburger books publishing house.

Head Brain Versus Abdominal Brain

The mind should be the tool of the spirit his melting Hutter village. Many people are proud of their intelligence and keep them for the highest, what is a human. They adorn themselves with your to studied knowledge, their chosen idiom and their ability to the rational and logical thinking. Intelligent people are mostly head people, depending on to make any decisions by their minds and suppress their sense for the benefit of the mind and listen when making decisions on her head instead of on her belly. But intelligence is really just a blessing? Not just intelligent people are often unhappy and entangle themselves in life in spirals of thoughts and musings? While a simple person makes decisions from the gut and listen without great thinking on his gut feeling, he does the right thing so intuitive and makes the right decisions. A head man, however, thinking back and forth and provides a rational argument against the other without coming to a solution.

Finally with an inner conflict, he chooses a path he later often looked back and questioned. Is it not amazing how just simple people so sure seem to go through their life and just do things right for them as distinct people seem internally often disoriented by the mind and make so many things in question? This is simply because people having yet our gut brain in addition to our head brain, which is responsible for mind and thinking. This abdominal brain is often underestimate and often overlooked. But it is unbelievably important, because here our subconscious, our inner spirit, shares with us. This inner spirit is an inexhaustible source of true knowledge and deep wisdom. Our spirit knows our way of life, and what really matters in life. By a bad gut feeling, he warns us against situations that are not good for us, just as he also things leads to us, which are good for us. Of these things, we feel then magically attracted to.

But unfortunately, too few people on their inner voice heard. The silent voice of our spirit is telling us in sensation, is usually drowned out by the coarser minds thinking. Thinking so overpowering happened to many people, that they are no longer able to perceive the quiet voice of her inside. The education together with the company trimmed performance, intelligence and rationality is the reason that at a young age our gut feelings in favor of mind thinking is brought up from us. “Jesus said you like children”. Because children live from their feeling out and guided from inside. Don’t think they live intensely in the here and now, because they are connected to their inner source just yet. Also we adults should go back again, to live without thoughts again the next day appointments or decisions last week to be in the here and now. Of course we should waive not quite our mind and our thinking and right Intelligence can be a very valuable feature: when we make the mind a tool of our inner spirit. Because that is the real task of our minds. The mind is like a compass, but the spirit of the Ferryman, who knows the way and using the compass of mind secure that pitfalls of life around and reach the home port.

Cooperation Lower Austria And IBM Austria?

100th IBM passes St. Polten, on April 16, 2009 Governor Dr. Erwin Proll KidSmart Learning computer for lower Austria together with DI Leo Steiner, KidSmart Learning computer in lower Austria to the newly opened General Manager IBM Austria, the 100th country kindergarten Perchtoldsdorf. Nearly 5,000 lower Austrian children experience their first computer in kindergarten at an IBM KidSmart Learning computer. In the KidSmart funding scheme supports IBM Austria already 83 lower Austrian kindergartens with the donation of child-friendly learning computers. Governor Dr. Erwin Proll: “education and training our children are our greatest future potential and the best guarantee that our country can continue its successful path even in difficult times. This already starts in kindergarten.

We invest in lower Austria therefore very much, to ensure an optimal support of our children. So we create through the lower kindergarten offensive until 2010 a total of around 10.000 childcare places in 524 additional kindergarten groups. “” The IBM KidSmart Learning computers are a valuable support to our children as possible early on promising technologies and future-oriented knowledge to bring. “we give with the KidSmart funding scheme especially integration children and children with migration background the access to the computer to create good chances for them”, explains donation DI Leo Steiner, IBM Austria General Director, the background of the IBM. Since the start of the promotion programme in 2001 IBM Austria has collaborated extensively with the media education counselling at the lower Austrian State Academy: together were enrolled over 160 kindergarten teachers in the educational and the integration of the learning computer in the kindergartens organized. The lower Austrian kindergartens were able to gain a lot of positive experience with the learning computer in these 7 years: the team formation of children and their fine motor skills with the hand (mouse), as well as the creativity will be on the PC promoted. In addition, the KidSmart Learning computer supports the overcoming of language barriers.

The games are available in 25 languages in addition to German and English. The children glue”is not on the screen, but understand the KidSmart Learning computers as an offer among others. IBM KidSmart a worldwide is project where children can learn the handling of the computer playfully. So far, first computer experience earn worldwide over 10 million children in nearly 42,000 KidSmart Learning computers. IBM Austria

Help Centre Morfelden

With children small and large teams were travelling, the 3-6Jahrige from the AWO-Kita Niedwiesenstrasse on educational as well as entertaining excursions in the Ginnheimer Grove and the Titus accompanied Therme. A further, quite a large group had with children from the Alfred Marchand’s home after a game and meet round entered the long journey by public transport to the Zoo. “Here was the principle of the way is the goal”. Volunteers who took a trip to the amusement park in Hassloch with young people who are looked after by the Jugendhaus Gallus, took care of a different age group. For these socially disadvantaged young people in the district, in company of volunteers and the confrontation with different life experiences was a special event. Very different was asked the volunteers, who in the Office and in a transitional apartment of the focal point for women has become delinquent cleaned floors, walls, ceilings and renovated. Hard skills”were in demand also in the Mayor-Mahadevan-Haus in Niederrad, where two very young volunteers an outdoor enclosure for Guinea pigs and Rabbit was designed and built, which are used in animal-assisted therapy with seniors. In the Kurt-stone crusher-Haus in Darmstadt-Eberstadt and in the old Help Centre Morfelden-Walldorf, however, was asked for a green thumb: a great discounts for the purpose of therapeutic gardening, as well as a herbal bed were created by the volunteers for the inhabitants of the two elderly centres and also a greenhouse.

As different projects, so unanimously the opinion of volunteers: we join again the next time. Artis Stevens may help you with your research. And some want to wait not for a whole year, but decided to spontaneously: we are from now on regularly and in the longer term in social institutions involved. Press contact, info and registration: Eva Teichmann, Tel. 069 / 298901 – 612 and voluntary – the Agency in Frankfurt 60314 Frankfurt am Main Henschelstrasse 11

Service Economy

Politicians should read: Bonn – Bitronic service-blog has a small debate triggered about sense and nonsense of the economic trends in Germany. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Center for Responsible Business. Was based on an article in the weekly newspaper “Die Zeit”: as a reason for the resilience of the labour market the structural changes of the economy called among other things: “for decades lose important jobs in the industry. Also in Germany. The last boom of the export industry has not broken this trend. Between 1991 and 2008, the proportion of jobs in the manufacturing sector has fallen – from almost 30 to 20 per cent of total employment. And while the industry built off 2009 approximately 340,000 jobs, companies in many service industries were still cheerfully even in the darkest months of the downturn. Check out Rev Starsky Wilson for additional information. Public and private service providers created 259,000 jobs.

As a part of the job losses has been compensated.” And what is even more important. Service professions can be limited through an Automation to a higher productivity. In the kindergarten, in It’s care services, consultancy, maintenance or repair on the manpower. Conclusion of economists: it is less growth needed to create jobs. In the sixties and seventies four percent economic growth originated only from three, new jobs.

“Today the employment at 1.2 percent rise”, Christian Dreger from the DIW estimates. That makes us less vulnerable to crises. Spontaneous reaction of the management consultant Harald Henn: in particular, the politicians should read, which subsidize still industries and companies that make our economy not sustainable. But unfortunately read our politicians so not blogs, not to deal with communities or Twitter and can not estimate therefore also many developments. Go to the debate in the network for service economy. Asked for more comments and opinions!

The Term Animal Board A Debasement Is Really For Needy People?

The “table” has been linked to needy people in connection many years. For some time, there is also the animal signs. Helps you not also people with this device? The “table” is a device that people with a small budget, provide once in a week with food. People in need such as bread, vegetables, fruit, dairy products and meats get EUR 1.00, against payment. The “Blackboard” receives this food from supermarkets, which have an excess inventory or the article have reached the minimum durability date. Now, there is hardly a person who does not know the “Blackboard”.

However, there are still many needy people who shy away from the road to the “table”. Gain insight and clarity with Viktor Mayer-Schönberger. It looks different here at the “animal Board” newly formed for a short time. Just people taking may not seek help for themselves personally, don’t be afraid the way to the animal table. Them their “favourite” so dear to the heart has grown, that they don’t shy away from the path to the “animal Board”. Just this behavior of these But the discussion on the Tierftafel should make people redundant. Is it not a 100% proof that exactly these animal Board helps the people. Of course there are at these outlets only food and accessories for the animals. However, mistress or master on this facility are very happy.

Because they have at least enough feed for the beloved four-legged friends. Many people, it would take the last courage when they would have to separate from their pet, only lacking the money for the food. Now, one hears again and again, that some people to see the term “Animal Board” the needy people as degradation. The honorary members of the charity for animals, have thought surely no harm at the choice of the words “Animal Board”. Because the term “Panel” for humanity as a relief organization is known, of course, the word “Table” for the animals has offered. Background for this choice of words has been the needy pet owners as soon as possible are aware of this charity. Pet owners are very happy to have this facility. Finally they have to worry no more, how they can sufficiently feed her little friend the next day. We are living in a difficult time. For this reason, one would hope already that this useless discussion has come to an end. Because we now all living beings. Whether bipeds or quadrupeds.

Foundation Petersburger Strasse

So that the design meets the needs of the local population, a lively exchange between Cameroon and Berlin took place during the planning of the building. “” This rising education benefits “from the experience of the hope Foundation”, which stands in Bertoua in close contact with the local population. provide more clarity in the matter. After the completion of the school, the Organization assumes responsibility for the management and day-to-day operations. Also during the construction phase is”the participation in the Central punk of rising education. So is the school in the spring of 2014, in cooperation of local workers and the TU students built and so later users can comment suggestions and wishes the children and their parents during the construction phase.

To finance the project partners depend completely on donations. Rising education”welcomes any support. Provides a way for our campaign in the Internet on, here it is easy to help us. More Information on our website and on Facebook. Help with the children in Bertoua, Cameroon, to create an educational opportunity, which improves the quality of life and visions of the future and enables the promotion of cultural diversity and economic perspectives. Education and mutual understanding are the key to a better future. So you build with the concept requires not only commitment and labour, but also covering the costs.

Links: Rising education: baupiloten: hope Foundation: hope Facebook: better place: projects/16140 BLZ: 10010010 account no.: 27820105 Verw.zweck: rising education IBAN: DE08100100100027820105 BIC: PBNKDEFF hope Foundation is one of Cameroon and Germany from jointly controlled, non-profit and non-governmental organization. Objective is to promote the development in the rural areas of Cameroon and neighbouring African countries and the To alleviate poverty. You committed to development and utilities, and aims to improve the standard of living of people in rural communities. Hope Foundation operates in the areas of education, health, water and sanitation, people, children and women’s rights, information and communication technology, and they supported discriminated and disadvantaged, as E.g. disabled, street children and orphans.

Director Joseph Vilsmaier

Week 28 September-04 October 2009 personalized children’s books for a good purpose in Munich, September 22, 2009 – children, a serious illness, the loss of the family home, family crises, physical or sexual violence will suffer, take refuge in the Tabaluga Kids Foundation ( Their patron is Peter Maffay. In the facilities and projects of the Foundation each year approximately 400 children and young people are looked after inpatients and outpatients individually. The Tabaluga Kids Foundation aims to give traumatized children back life in decent conditions. The Munich publishing house PersonalNOVEL, Europe’s leading provider of customizable novels and books, the commitment of this Foundation is great and important. Therefore, PersonalNOVEL will support the Foundation with a fundraiser. The Munich-based company wants to help to put a smile in the face of these kids at such a difficult time. “Sustainable support: Tabaluga-charity week” at PersonalNOVEL from 28.

September held PersonalNOVEL to 04 October 2009 therefore on its website ( the Tabaluga charity week”. Ten children’s books and a children’s book, which are marked during this week with the small dragon Tabaluga, take part in the action. “The themes of the books are extremely varied, so, for example, the titles are the birthday box” holidays on the farm and the trip to the middle ages “can be ordered. Of each marked personalized book if ordered within this period, 1 in the Tabaluga Foundation goes. Childrens Defense Fund is the source for more interesting facts. Customers who with want to support this meaningful project for children, can make your personal copy on the site and order. All books are deeply customizable products. Not only the name of the child can be personalised, but also the illustration itself is in the picture books: in addition to the gender the hairstyle, hair and eye color of the little protagonist can up to freckles individually on the recipient child be matched.

All books are very quality, lavishly illustrated and ensure many years of reading fun. Customer as an initiator for the cooperation PersonalNOVEL got the idea for the support of this foundation of an enthusiastic customer. This was the impetus for the Munich-based personalization specialist contributed last weekend as the opening action for the charity golf tournament the Eagles Golf Club tutzing (district of Starnberg) in favor of the Tabaluga Kids Foundation personalized books. To the celebrities who had arrived for this good purpose, singer Johnny Logan, as well as the former ski jumper Jens Weissflog were among others the actor Suzanne von Borsody, Elke Sommer, Herbert Knaup and Fritz Wepper, Director Joseph Vilsmaier. In total, 45,000 euros for the Foundation came together on this weekend. PersonalNOVEL initiated “Tabaluga-charity week” (28.09 04.10.2009) – surprise your son, your daughter, your godchild or grandchild with a picture book by PersonalNOVEL and prepare the same Double pleasure! During our week of Tabaluga charity of the 28.9 04.10.2009 going a whole week 1 of each ordered children or youth book from the action to the Tabaluga Foundation, whose work we have presented in our blog post of 9/11. Support this good cause and choose a children’s book during the week of our action, which you can personalize according to your wishes. Indicated by the books that have been selected by PersonalNOVEL for the fundraiser, the small logo of Tabaluga. With your book and the automatically outgoing donations amounting to 1, you can help children who have experienced much suffering in their lives, will find in the Tabaluga facilities again refuge, comfort and care. Dirk Delbrouck PersonalNOVEL E.k..