Ramiro Ruiz

I know that to have cravings by something sweet, it can be a real problem for much people (not only for the pregnant women).Often the ills, they are a indicative of which you are not eating your meals in the combinations or correct proportions. Further details can be found at CBC, an internet resource. That is the reason for which it is so important to know which is your Metablico Type (there is a complete chapter dedicated to this in the manual of the Program To eat To lose) and to know exactly how many portions of each food you would have to be eating, on the basis of those results (there is all a series of chapters dedicated to this subject in the same manual). If you are following your plans healthful of feeding and the monster of the sugar follows acechndote, next, you will find the ways healthful that there am been using to satisfy my ills by something sweet: 1. Tip a little fresh fruit (strawberries, an apple, a pear, 1/2 banana) and above I put 1 teaspoon to him of natural honey. A teaspoon renders much and makes more candy your fruit. 2. I drink something of tea Juice (this is the first prescription in your Recipe book of the Program To eat To lose). Essentially, it is a tea of grass sweetened with stevia, cooled to be enjoyed like a cold drink.

This helps really me to 3 of afternoon when ” creo” that I want something sweet, but this sweetened drink naturally is sufficient to calm my ills. 3. I mix something of butter of almonds or peanut with organic apple puree without sweetening and I dust to him with cinnamon. DELICIOUS! This era my favorite during my pregnancy! A huge refreshment to mid-morning or average afternoon. 4. It slices an apple, ntale almond butter or peanut and above dusts something to him of pricked organic dark chocolate or natural cacao.

5. A afrutado tea of grass sweetened with stevia, xilitol or syrup of agave at night is perfect right before sleeping, will help you to relajarte after a occupied day. It remembers that you must as much avoid the processed sugar and artificial sweeteners as is possible. Personally, use stevia to satisfy all needs with something sweet, but I know people who also enjoy xilitol and the agave syrup, which also is huge options.

Army Zapatista

Counting citizen support becomes the power of the parties, not in its ideology. This way the citizen participation in the governments, and therefore in the parties, is reduced to the day of the elections in such a way that the true democracy falls to which no longer we can call to him thus. The opportunity does not occur him to the town to comprise of the policy, the parties are conformed by people who follow a same one it rules in such a way that the differences nor the plurality are not tolerated, which are the bases of all democracy. The differences are accepted, take shelter and an agreement looks for common, not it exclusion of the differences. The democracy in theory it is known him for being incluyente, but when it does not exist a true equality and tolerance to the diverse thing, the democracy becomes excluding since different minorities do not feel represented by the government whom it ignores to them. A very clear example can be the Army Zapatista de National Liberacin, who assure that the democratic government at all does not guard by his demands and needs, so that they in answer decided not to recognize the government who does not recognize them as well.

The problem of the little correspondence on the part of the party is of serious gravity. A town that does not perceive answer on the part of the political parties stops trusting, to support it. The majority of the Mexicans was satisfied with the elections of the 2000 when the elect president was Vicente Fox. The country in fact did not vote by Fox, voted by change, change that conforms passed their presidential term was not given to the Mexicans. Mexico lost the hope from which the change of political party went to be like the difference that the nation needed after 70 years continuity PRI member, the change was in a divided congress, and a paralyzed policy. Transparency In government would help proper functioning.