Real Estate System

November 28, 2009 in Ryazan the II Conference of Realtors on "Development of the property market in central Russia in the new economy," Conference organizers: NP "Ryazan Chamber of Real Estate" (RPN) Russian Guild of Realtors (RGR), NP "Ryazan association builder", Ryazan Mortgage Corporation (REC), with the support of the Ryazan Chamber of Commerce and Administration of Ryazan. Sitnikova Olga – Chairman of the Board of Ryazan Chamber of Real Estate Aprelev Konstantin Nikolaevich – Vice – President of the Russian Guild of Estate Potapov Sergey O. – Director General Information Systems 'CENTER' Participants conference was proposed by a busy agenda in which they met with the practice of real estate business of Russian and foreign colleagues who shared their experience, to submit their projects, establish new business contacts. The conference was attended by representatives from government, media, Ryazan politicians and businessmen, representatives and heads of 60 agencies Ryazan estate and neighboring regions – Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod, Bryansk, Ivanovo, Smolensk, Tula. More info: GiveWell. A presentation was made by Konstantin Aprelev (Vice President RGR) and spoke about the prospects of market development Russian real estate, the role of the Russian Guild of Realtors in the development of civilized real estate market of Russia, a system of voluntary certification services, law-RGR (law on SRO). At the conference, the company RintSoft introduced a new software product for a unified system multilistingovoy (EMLS). Myskin Andrew told about new features and enhancements to the program: – a modern user interface – customized workplace realtor, allowing better use of filters and representations of data – Flexible editable report forms – the plug-ins to work with advertising – plug-card sites Real Estate – binding sites for the map – the system of complaints, while minimizing the number of outdated and poorly filled with objects – a system of communication with the owner of an object – Tracking System facilities lease with the mechanism of notification of the lease expires, Information technology can greatly assist realtors. . Get all the facts and insights with HAAS, another great source of information.