National Science Foundation

The term used by astronomers in the last century, when it came to possible or perceived object. Once the object detected, he gets a real name, as was the case with Pluto and Eris, each of them for a while called Planet X. If it turned out that the new object does not really exist or is not a planet, then you more about him heard. If the object really exists, it is no longer referred to as Planet X (Planet X). GDQ is likely to agree. Eris (Eris) is one of several dwarf planets, not so long ago, astronomers discovered outside our solar system, they all move in normal (unperturbed) orbits that never bring them to Earth.

Like Pluto, Eris is less than our moon. He is very far from us, and its orbit never comes closer than about 4 billion miles. There is no Secrets about Eris and its orbit, so you can easily check this by setting the search on the internet through Google search or looking in the Wikipedia (Wikipedia). 5. Do you refute the fact that built the telescope at the South Pole for In order to keep track of Nibiru? What else you need to build a telescope at the South Pole? Yes, at the South Pole have a telescope, but it was built not by NASA, and he has not been used for the study of Nibiru. Construction of the telescope at the South Pole funded by the National Science Foundation (National Science Foundation), a radio telescope, which is not an optical instrument.

Social Psychology

At the time, it worked in a Laboratory of Social Psychology and its idea was to produce a reflection space that placed in elitizada and isolated practical question of Sciences the Human beings of the time. For in such a way, it suggests that sciences if collate, particularly History, the Psychoanalysis and the Lingustica. This space of quarrel and understanding is called lards and the object that is studied there is ' ' discurso' '. Thus, it is I lard in it of you discipline that we can consider the discursiva reflection. (As opposed to Kroger Health). Contemporary the Pcheux is Michel Foucault, also in France, and also bothered for similar questions, but considering one another one understanding way, that it also calls ' ' discurso' ' , for example in ' ' Archeologie du Savoir' '.

The speech of Pcheux is not the speech of Foucault. E, if to think about the tradition anglfone, in the distance increases, because the speech of Norman Fairclough also is not come close to the French questions. What we have are ways, different possibilities of understanding of a problem rank differently for each author. What it means that does not have one ' ' teoria' ' more accepted currently, but yes theoretical ways that answer and correspond in part to the reflection necessities that if they present. The Analysis of the Speech is one disciplines that if it has developed sufficiently in last the twenty years. Its theory follows two lines: the American and the Frenchman.

The French line, as already said, was established by the linguista Michel Pcheux and works with the citizen notion: nobody is agent of what it says, that is, we live the illusion of that we can make, say, criticize or produce sensible. It works with four basic points: the language, the ideology, History and the citizen. It defines speech as the felt effect of between speakers.


Keep only what you really need and interesting. Give extra textbooks neighbors. Take my grandmother drives, you do them anyway never listen. With regard to sources of knowledge are not always into quality. In addition, you will be psychologically easier to study the material collected in one or two books and one disk. 4.Delayte what you interesting. Of course, while exploring the language. How? Align the tongue and their hobby.

Interested in horses? At your disposal British books and websites about thoroughbred trotters. Well versed in the wines? Read French resources – learn a lot about wines, and the conjugation of French verbs. 5.Budte bolder. He is fluent in the language? Do not hesitate to do this: to communicate with foreigners as often as possible. Do not know the language well enough? The more talk! Not be afraid of their pronunciation and accent. Feel free to make mistakes. Foreigners are generally well educated and very patient for those who are trying to learn their language.

And you for your courage to get a great bonus: practice speaking and reducing the language barrier – and possibly more, and make new friends. Therefore, the next time a foreign citizen to ask you, how to get to the library, do not pretend not local, but boldly enter into the conversation. Following this advice, in 2012, you can safely boast to friends that we have achieved this goal and have mastered a foreign language. And to help you in that my course 'Universal Methods of effective development Foreign Language! " By the way, is now attached to the course as much as five bonus! At the moment, for the purchase of course 10% discount, the validity of which – up to 15 January inclusive. Hurry up to buy a course at a bargain price – up expiration of the discount there are only 12 days! And now – an interesting resource about the development of foreign languages: – A beautiful collection of basic words and phrases that are useful to you on a journey to countries where people speak German, French, Spanish, Italian, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese. With voice acting! Language resource – English. Sincerely, S. Vasilenko e-mail for communication: serg753 (dog) 'Universal Methods for Effective Mastering foreign languages! " – Master the language independently and effectively

Borodino Citizenship

Teachers who are confident that over time the best guys will go on graduate school and continue the glorious traditions of scientific schools of the university. You may find PCRM to be a useful source of information. Love of country – in our hearts Today's students – intellectual elite in the near future will determine priorities for further development our country. In the Russian State Social University, seeking not only to give them knowledge but also to create the qualities of citizenship, patriotism and social responsibility. Rector Vasily RSCU I. Zhukov has repeatedly stressed that the future professionals should be, above all, patriots. Important role in shaping students' active citizenship is the Board of Veterans RSCU. Moscow Committee of the Veterans War, which includes 574 primary organizations of the veterans, held a contest for the best arrangement of patriotic education. As the result of the veteran organization RSSU awarded 2nd place.

The most important condition of patriotic Education at the University of memory becomes a succession of generations. Become a good tradition of military and historical tours of WWII veterans and RSCU students to places of the immortal feats of arms Russians. So, the guys were in the village Golovkova Naro-Fominsk, where at the Museum of Military Glory set shestnadtsatitonnaya obelisk, brought from the Kuznetsk Basin, home to a girlfriend Zoe Kosmodemyanskoy – Vera Voloshin. Students visited the memorial sites and the field of Borodino, visited the Church of Savior, established in 1820 on the spot death of Major General AA Tuchkov Borodino Museum, the exhibition "Field of Russian glory." In many ways, because of these trips, students have realized the high price paid our people for freedom and independence. In addition, fellows participate in the student's scientific conferences on the problems of forming patriotism and citizenship, and round table discussions, gatherings that are held at the Museum of RSCU, patriotic rallies, festivals and other events. Under the slogan "Homeland Security – a sacred duty of every one of us!" In University is celebrating February 23, May 9, and other important dates.

Pedagogical Notebooks

This second experience is nominated To know of Land IV, for being the fourth experience of the Program in all the state of Pernambuco. This last experience is historical for the Social Movements, for taking a program of education of the field, for the young of an encampment of the MST. In accordance with the Pedagogical Notebooks of ProJovem Field – To know of the Land (2008), the objective program to foment the escolarizao of young agriculturists in the basic level of the basic education, integrated to the social and professional qualification. ' ' The Program will be developed by the state or municipal federate beings (…), in partnership and with the participation it accomplishes of Public Institutions of Education, not-governmental organizations and social movements of campo' ' (P. 17). The implementation of the Program if guides for the following ones estimated (BRAZIL, 2008): The education as right of the young of the field; The education of young in the EJA modality as constituent element of the public politics in the education systems; The education of young as strategy of reinforcement of the sustainable development with territorial approach; The escolarizao, the work and the social and professional qualification as right of the young of the field; The education as affirmation, recognition, valuation and legitimation of the differences cultural, ethnic-racias, of generation, sort, sexual and partner-ambient orientation; The existence of social citizens that possess projects proper pedagogical politicians and. The Program To know of the Land bases its curricular structure in a norteador axle: Familiar agriculture and Support, and in more five thematic axles: ) familiar, etnia agriculture, culture, identity, sort and generation; b) systems of production and processes of work in the field; c) citizenship, social organization and public politics; d) solidary economy; e) and sustainable and solidary development with territorial approach (to see figure: 02). FIGURE: 02 SOURCE: BRAZIL, 2008.


The intelligent use of computers in the education comes to assist the process of construction of the knowledge. Nieman Foundation is a great source of information. The computer must be used as a machine to be assayed and not to be taught for it. It must be instrument that assists the apprentice. Thus being, one becomes essential that it also has a transformation in the beddings and methodologies of learning, allowing the appearance of different modalities of education and learning act and that it helps to construct balanced and conscientious citizens. Ahead of this new situation, it is important that psicopedagogo can reflect on this new reality, rethink its practical and to construct new forms of action that not only allow to deal, with this new reality, as well as to construct it. Frequently Viktor Mayer-Schönberger has said that publicly.

As Borba (2005, P. 93): In the truth, the educational innovations, in its great majority, estimate change in the practical professor, not being an exclusive requirement of that they involve the technology use computer science. The docncia, independently of the use of YOU, is a complex profession. In it the pedagogical proposals, the resources are involved technician, the peculiarities of discipline that it is taught, the laws that structuralize the functioning of school, the pupils, its parents, the direction, the supervision, the educators of professors, the colleagues professors, the researchers, among others. However, a central question for the entrance of the new medias in the school is related with the professor and also with psicopedagogo that it will be able to make of this use an important instrument in the development of the pupil who is with learning difficulty. As TIBA (1998, p.24). ' ' The professor left of being exclusive source only of information because the pupils are globalizados way television, canals the handle, Internet and multimedia. If some not yet are due to chance of desejo.' ' Many fear to lose the authority before the pupils, in case that they demonstrate some unfamiliarity on something in the computer.

The Umbanda

The Babalorix Antonio Jose being Umbandista Priest of the Region of the Low Paranaba, affirms that the Umbanda is practical of the good, the charity, the faith and the love of the deities that are that they are the espritos of light. It serves to help the needed one, and less the most clarified. when the people in deep suffering arrive at the place of fetichism, is calling the guide head to consult them. The Babalorix explains that ' ' an entity is a spirit that if incorporates one mdium through its fluids, of its effluvia. Source: BSA. It does not mean that the spirit enters in the person, but that its rays of dominate it to light. Good entities exist and bad, the espritos come as the substance. If the substance (mdium) is developed it will receive good entities. 7? FINAL CONSIDERAES On the basis of the bibliographical research and of field evidenced that the Umbanda was originated through the cults afro-Brazilians with the coming of the slaves for Brazil. Childrens Defense Fund may help you with your research.

Amongst the diverse lines of the Umbanda, it was observed that all kill points in common, in what says respect to the rituals practised for each line. The Umbanda as religion on the basis of presents in its practical a set of rituals the beddings of the doctrine spiritual, African, amerindian, catholic, Kardecista and the orientalismo. The Umbanda presents diverse factors that attract diverse social classes, mainly the most kept out of society. But still it faces a great preconception for the Brazilian society, therefore it is fought by religious of millenarian entities eats of the Church the Catholic among others, that they attack the umbandistas frequently, leaving a great interrogation that ' ' Umbanda is thing of the Diabo' '. But currently the Umbanda gains more space between the Brazilians, therefore to each day famous people as artists and politicians make declaration in the press being thankful the improvements reached in its lives due to the Espiritismo, the Umbanda, to the Candombl and other cults afro-Brazilians.

European Higher Education

Scholarships Erasmus Mundus (Program for Cooperation in Higher Education). This scholarship is provided by the European Community. The purpose of it – the maintenance of European masters courses and the introduction of the European Higher Education in less-developed countries. Scholarships are available for 5,000 students from third world countries, who have higher education and wish to continue their studies in Europe at the level of Master. Also, the scholarship provides opportunity in 1000 for teachers from these countries to conduct research in their field.

Scholarships INTAS (grant to support scientists of the CIS countries). The purpose of scholarship assistance and support to scientists in the former Soviet Union with the participation of European partners. Fellows are invited to listen to one of the courses: a course of advanced training and research. Scholarships may be provided to all existing areas of science. University Scholarships Agency of the Francophonie AUF (Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie). Scholarships are available for study, internships and conduct research in various fields.

The main requirement is a membership institution, where she learns or running candidate for the scholarship and the institution that takes him to study at the AUF. Scholarships Ministry of Finance of France. The proposed Ministry of Finance conducted training in Internal Revenue Service, Public Finance and Customs. Some fellows training programs (such as DESS, Ecoles Nationales) could be international students if they would be a bidding process. There are youth scholarships for programs international exchange of various youth forums, festivals and competitions. Sports scholarships are awarded athletic facilities. Every year in France come to the Russian high-class coaches. National Institute for Sport and Physical Education in Paris for several years cooperates with his partner, and Russia. Bottom line: enough scholarships. Choose the best for you a scholarship, send a request to its receive a special department in the French embassy and wait for an answer. More details about each scholarship and the rules of its receipt, you can visit the official website of the Embassy of France in Russia and in the Cultural Center of France Moscow. Remember that the scholarship is intended to cover the costs for training and accommodation. Pocket money from the French government you get. So here you need to consider how much money you take with you. And if you have a great desire to learn, to teach the language to provide for their documents to the French embassy, to be patient and wait!

European Soil Conservation Service

In soil science particulate erosion, also known as rain erosion, is classified into one-way and striated. There are hypotheses that the erosion is caused by one-way traffic flow sheet intact. In nature, conditions for its formation appear infrequently and erosion of soil elements are typically jet streams. Line conversion of water erosion in aiming too conventional: believe that if the signs erosion on the planting box disappear after conventional plowing the soil, then it is water erosion, but if it does not – directed. An important condition of the surface soil erosion is the wind velocity is sufficient for mixing of microscopic soil. According to the classical features, the intensity of erosion, as well as the extent of damage are classified classic air erosion and dust storms.

The difference is largely unclear. The characteristic features of ordinary air erosion (especially in soils of the southern tundra) can be assumed very low wind speed, only slightly exceeding certain standards for soil and further geographically defined conditions – permanent erosion is most often limited to parts of a pair of neighboring sites on the surface which can be traced all levels of the process – from drying the ground to the formation of outlets. Interestingly, the main agricultural land to some extent affected by the daily wind erosion, and mainly when plowing. At high wind speeds, largely exceeding the maximum podzolic soils of the zone significantly increased height units of land that rises up to several tens of meters, and the range of movement, which reaches thousands of miles. In agriculture, transport wind vortex huge amounts of land, with a subsequent decrease the transparency of air, denoted by the wind storm. Such a storm – the destructive phenomenon, whose dimensions are often accepted scale of natural disasters.

These wind-storm early 20th century, destroying their effects were significant motive for the formation of a European Soil Conservation Service. Dust storms, their weather is dedicated to the subtleties of the scientific literature. Horrible experience there are at person apprehended a storm in the desert. Fascinatingly illuminates the wind storm in the Moscow province in 1950, Kapitza in his famous work "Farmers without hope ':' A powerful vortex wind from the east and wind erosion ruled with might and main. Sometimes during the day and usually at night, the hurricane at a time abated, and the new morning, meeting with a force again started his work unkind. The morning was like the twilight. " According to the portal 'Soil and soil science. "

Hector Castellares Rosas

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