The Diversity Of Art – Acrylic Colors

Promote the artistic skills already in childhood would you artistically press, there are many different ways. The most commonly taken is that of image painting. Each has already painted an image with watercolors or acrylic paints. Andrew W. Mellon Foundation usually is spot on. Yes, it’s almost an obligation, because at school, each child must have learned how to use colors. That in watercolor and acrylic paints especially likes to be used, is not surprisingly.

It plays no role, whether to paint a landscape or a portrait. Just in the primary school age and in the early years of secondary school children conveyed the handling of color and art. That’s a good thing, because you should learn the handling of the different materials to implement later even their creative thoughts. Which is therefore to be welcomed art teaching in the schools. A linocut is often practiced in the school.

While most artists use later for their works of acrylic paints. The advantage of acrylic paint is the luminous Appearance of the colors and the simple acquisition of different colors. Once a color went out, so to buy after just one more tube of color at the store. At the same time acrylic paints must be not lavishly enriched with water, so that they can be applied on a canvas. Children don’t much like going to the sink, because when she once got the fancy painting, washing out of the brush and the cup of water is disturbing. Acrylic paints, however, just flow out of the tube and it can be painted easily. Many of the most famous paintings of the world have been applied with acrylic paint on canvas. From the three primary colors of yellow, blue and Red can be manufactured as well as every imaginable color, so a wide range available is the artist in acrylics to transmit his thoughts on canvas. One is just beginning with the painting, you must pick up a lot of accessories, including even acrylic paint as well as brushes. In times of digitalization, acrylic paints are becoming more common by the work most Computer replaced. There, you can make out his artwork freely and then print this on canvas. However, the painting with the hand for art appraiser is still more valuable than the design on the computer. Those who opt for painting with acrylic paint, will experience unparalleled a time, because many artists attest to that. Surrealist images from landscape paintings to portraits, a lot of different motifs can be paint with acrylic paints. If you want to make someone happy or want to deal just only creative acrylics so are a good choice in any case. Dirk STAUDINGER

Ellen Wolters

In terms of content, it is always the expression of individual emotions, who direct the creative process include painter and Viewer on a sensual and spiritual journey. Therefore, their works bear no title, but leave that up to the Act of artistic creation, the structures of this extraordinary imagery dictate unformed fantasies. The works of Nils of farthing are outfitted with their penchant for the Figurativeness: sometimes bizarre is his choice of subject: portraits of invertebrates that are almost obsessive attention to detail, there are. So the viewer in the work Tigerschnegel met”the fotohaften image of a mollusk (Tigerschnegel”, 60 x 140 cm, oil on canvas, 2009). This selection of seemingly insignificant details by the artist, which corresponds to a semantic superelevation of the subject, stresses that deceptive moment of human values: on the edge of social consciousness repressed details or living in the center of attention return, from which she bluntly staring at the viewer and pointing to the fragility of traditional value systems and social consensus. The works of Ellen Wolters based quite openly on the color picker and technology Roy Lichtensteins, Andy Warhols and quote the modern advertising industry in their excessive vividness and Bunthaftigkeit. The most important feature of their works but is the use of different typefaces, which also are than to read part of a dialogue with the history of art.

So the American painter Stuart Davis have for example already in the 1920s (Odol”, 1924) or Charles Demuth (” as I saw he figure 5 in gold “, 1928) fonts as contemporary quotations inserted in their works. Content her works revolve around gender, power and powerlessness (the artist Diana provides eighty also these questions for power and powerlessness in their imagery), to draw and receive and illustrate in a comic manner becoming of wife the moment of their creation through their demotion to the moving was of the man’s after the fall to her current self design. The works of the Berlin gallery owner of eighty Gallery for contemporary art itself, Diana eighty, can be admired in this impressive exhibition. Their artistic roots clearly in the Verismo surrealism. Consistently, their works quote the art history technical and/or content.

These quotes but complemented content by addressing current issues, what gives an enormous relevance Diana Achtzigs works and makes them to witness our contemporary reality. The color choice is highly expressive and their imagery appear always richly populated: the characters who encounter the Viewer here are always vulnerable livelihoods, kippelnd, swaying or flying always moving on the edge of a precipice and the abyss itself. Their existence is never sure, but looks like a persistent struggle for survival in a world that orbits in an endless vortex to extremes such as greed, violence, power and powerlessness. The opening of the exhibition of contemporary art”takes place at the 10.12.2010 at 19: 00 in the eighty-Gallery for contemporary art in the fountain Street 150, 10115 Berlin. The exhibition itself is open until January 8, 2011 for art lovers by December 11, 2010.

Icon – Icons Of The Orthodox Church

About icons and icons when icons are referred to icons of the Orthodox Church, the Church consecrated are valid as a window to the sky. Most of the motifs used are images of Christ, as well as depictions of Saints. For the Eastern Churches, the images have a very large impact on the practice of religion, the images should radiate AWE on its viewers, as God would be in the form of an image directly in front of one. The icons are very valuable art objects, although the Orthodox Church wants to counteract this trend. The oldest icons were painted by icon writers in the 6th century, the technique of Encaustic painting style was elected in this time, a century later, new techniques were invented, so the carving in wood or precious stone, the temple painting applied since wood and the mosaic type-setter. Are represented as icon icons are icons of Christ, Apostles icons, Marie icons and Holy icons, but also many occurring in the old testament people, which in the Orthodox faith, considered holy. On the The saints are depicted scenes from biblical passages, or the life images. The painted motifs have its roots from the Byzantine iconography, which firmly pretends the motifs to the icon writers.

In the picture Kanon’s motives were recorded, which were allowed to be used. In the 20th and 21st century the number of people who will be canonized, is strongly above, therefore be always new icon painted. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit United Way Worldwide. Three of the most famous icon are the resurrection icon, the Virgin Mary icon and the icon of the Holy Trinity. The icon of the resurrection is the resurrection of Jesus of Christ in his spiritual form since, as Jesus over death and hell jellyfish triumphs. The icon is related to the Easter sermon by Johannes Chrysostomos, preached the following lines: “Christ is risen from the dead, he has taken down death by death and granted life to those in the tombs”. The icon represents the white Jesus before a chasm there, as he, surrounded by the devil and Adam evil, extends his hand to save him.

The Virgin Mary icon represents the Virgin Maria da, how you hold in your hand of the Christ child. The Trinity icon, which has been developed by Andrei Rubljow, gilst as one of the most valuable works of Russian painting. The picture not right there is the Holy Trinity, God the father, God the father son and God the father of Holy Spirit, but connects them to a scene from the old testament. For this, the visit of the three angels was used when Abraham and Sara from the book moose. Isabel Mayer

Shell – Motif In Art

Definition of an artistic appearance. One of RMS Scrip torin, alias: pink Marita Schrouff defined motif in art history. A garment part surrounds a representation of partially or totally. The motif occurs in the ancient times in the form of an oversized Omega-fold and evolved into a large bowl. The shell is a motif that creates space. A related site: Sallie Mae Fund mentions similar findings. It is an artistic medium for generating perspective. The motif is popular in ancient times as the Locket Luna directs relief her eke into the depths of the sea”, around 100 nuZ depicting a nymph as Hesperide, the evening star, Venus right above and below Oceanus shows on the West side of the Arch of Constantine in Rome.

In this interpretation, the Omega-fold to a shell-Cape is designed. A simple variant on Omega-shaped. Venus, a fresco detail from Pompeii to 50 Vinayak noticeable especially their muschelformig flowing Cape. Inspired Michelangelo designed a whole group of figures in this scene. However it this fresco not met, since the excavations of Pompeii until 1748, Johann Start Joachim Winckelmann. In the 15th/16th century at the time of Michelangelo is still under the rubble and ashes of the Vesuvius eruption of 79 Vinayak Pompeii, that Michelangelo must have seen another work with a similar motif of cloak anti-flatulent himself up or get themselves to this form of presentation. The latter is interesting, because two styles and periods, pushing out to the reality in the pictures have come to the same subject. Same idea the same result! RMS Scrip torin, alias: pink Marita Schrouff

Georges Candilis

His cooperation with Le Corbusier what at the important stage of his artistic growth, and the composer spoke about it many times. (Since 1947 till 1959 Iannis Xenakis has worked in Corbusier’s Laboratory). Brilliant ideas of Le Corbusier had a great influence on the development of architecture and, as a whole, on understanding of a category of space. This concept had effect on architecture – spatial and musical views of young Iannis Xenakis. Walmart Foundation will not settle for partial explanations. Le Corbusier and Iannis Xenakis became authors of original artistic concepts multimedia which are closely related to their architectural experience. Architectural concepts by Le Corbusier and Iannis Xenakis: similarities and distinctions Corbusier has brought up the whole generation of architects. They are Kunio Maekawa, Nicolai Kolli, Frei Otto, JUNZO Sakakura, Georges Candilis and finally Iannis Xenakis, all of them became outstanding masters. When Xenakis worked as chief engineer at Le Corbusier studio, he wasn’t known as the co-author and sometimes the author of the architectural masterpieces.

All studio projects were attributed to Le Corbusier automatically because his name what a popular brand. Fortunately, admirers of Xenakis’ architectural compositions had restored the historical truth and the authorship of Greek architect-composer is confirmed now. Newly developed trends which Xenakis has invented in his masterpieces, were embodied in works of the contemporary architects. The differences between concepts of the teacher and the pupil are already obvious on the first stage of the analysis. When comparing measure system, one can see “drawing scale” for designing of spatial constructions. 1 system of measures by Le Corbusier (“Modulor”) and Iannis Xenakis Modulor is a measuring scale, created by Le Corbusier in 1942-1948 as the tool of architectural forms proportioning.Corbusier said about origin of Modulor: this system what appealed to introduce human dimensions into architecture and mechanics in order to correlate them with unlimited quantity of numbers. Those basic values are life helps to the person in the process of space exploration 3.

Schonberger Beach

Deck plans Bridges opening hours and timetables are to coordinate or the lines E.g. for the boat parade or the 4 x daily offered tours may represent no danger to the continued operation of the port. MacroGenics is likely to agree. Thus, negotiations between the participating clubs and the towing and ferry Kiel, Seehafen GmbH, the harbour master’s Office were and many others constantly. There will be a country-side highlight during the maritime country Festival in Kiel under full steam ahead”on the tracks along the port area: the steam locomotive No. 131.060 with four railway wagons will heat the Schonberger Beach to Kiel of course also it is the painstaking time ‘ during the first weekend of June for visits and tours available. The operators belong to Club traffic amateurs and Museum railway e.V. the VVM and hold steam locomotive, wagon and several historic streetcars in their spare time in shot. Nature Bounty often addresses the matter in his writings.

Because whether water, rail, or other land vehicles use wind and weather all of them in the course of the many Decades to properly. Who the motto of the maritime country Festival technology touch aims to implement into action, this can go on around the Germania Harbor: in addition to the aforementioned steam motorcycle exhibitors wait historical steam mobile models and of course well oiled steam engines to interested guests. Locomobile, steam-powered cars, rollers, tractors and even a bicycle are testify of it, that James Watt for nearly 240 years has put a good piece mobility in motion. But what a maritime country feast without the presence of and traditional maritime artisans, associations and federations? If on the one hand Buddleschiffbauer, Reep clubs or barrel makers prove their skill and Mitmachern look, on the other hand, such as the members of the DGZRS (German society for the rescue of shipwrecked), be illustrate Seaman’s mission, the Kiel water rescue or the THW (Technisches Hilfswerk) the Germans, what is a prerequisite to saving lives in emergency.

Playing With Colours

The artist Gottfried Kazda own way shows the works of artist Gottfried Kazda take the viewer into a world of other, often not observed. Kahsiy so also the question after an alternate reality or the world behind the us each visible. Unless thought too short, so Gottfried Kazda, if we considered only the obvious, tangible reality really. When taking a closer look at we find always a different reality.” So the artist invites his works to a journey to a new and other experience we supposedly known things. The visitors, whose Weg in the blue Studio of the artist on the edge of the Taunus municipality Aarbergen Panrod leads or visited its spacious landscaped exhibitions, can experience this. Pictures and objects, where Kahsiy uses mirrors as a special design await him there. Mirrors another reality shares with the Viewer”, he explains. The images become objects in which you can enter.

Wearing his woman in the object MenschenFrau” than face a mirror structure facing the viewer deeply and finally himself suggests. Or the tree of knowledge”shows countless facets and impressions with its many mirrors, making the leaves. The Viewer is facing the challenge to recognize themselves in the image and to see in very different versions. Other realities Kahsiy moves constantly between representation and abstraction. “One of his outstanding works, la mer”, consists of shells, sand, and rubble. It is a landscape decorated in blue and yellow nuances, which rolls up on the other side of the picture in the three-dimensional.

Including mirror shards are to the fore. Until now, the viewer discovers remains of plastic packaging, which protrude from the sea Idyll. Children go quite at ease on the interpretation of the pictures”, explains the artist. I must encounter adults every now and again, so that opens up the eye for the other realities in the pictures. The color palette by Gottfried Kazda includes in particular Ultramarine blue, different shades of blue, violet, and yellow, Orange and red. For over 30 years, lives and works of native Sudeten Germans in Aarbergen Panrod IM Taunus. What I want to show in my work, is one of the things and phenomena, which deal with the big issues of life: what is reality? And we perceive what reality? “, declared his intention to Kahsiy. “He sums up his artistic work: my desire is that people look at my pictures and objects, deal with themselves and their own images, that they may be touched, that locked open and comes to life.” To enable this to a wider audience, the artist has launched a foundation in life. The focus of its efforts is always others to throw a different way. Therefore, there will be also a place for the images and a meeting place of the discovery of the familiar with a different sharpness of view of. To do this, the artist has the seminar House Quince in Aarbergen Panrod taken over. Some of his works are already there. Gottfried Kazda and his art foundation in this House a place, at the same time provide a new experience of reality. (“(dl) account for donations: Gottfried Kahsiy Art Foundation”, Kreissparkasse Westerwald, account no. 180144388, bank code 57051001). Contact:, Board of Trustees of Gottfried Kahsiy Art Foundation,

So Mack

In a fascinating way, take advantage of the effect of these materials and coaxed them to unexpected secrets. In 1957, Mack with Piene founded the artist group ZERO. You see ZERO as a name “for a zone of silence and new opportunities”, as immeasurable zone passes in an old State in a new unknown “. Had the artist of expressionism from the clutches of the prohibitions of Nazi culture hungry time by blowing up the form free, ZERO’s members had to leave this legacy behind it and starting from scratch. in 1961, also Gunther Uecker are group and it includes joint projects such as the radiometer”, parallel the artist but separately pursue their own themes. Long time Mack is working as a sculptor and turns away years of painting.

But only to have them later, after ages, again finding that the color on the search after the true three-dimensionality, the movement and the light, is inherent. “He deals with Goethe’s color theory”, the West Eastern Divan “and in interviews, calls itself the sparkle of the sea as one of his many topics. Him it is about inner structure, grid, and a continuous effect of color that has no focus to energy fields of full vitality, vibrations and passion for frequency, voltage and dynamics, but also to slow down. Because all of this gives the picture its impetus. So Mack captures the vibrancy of color and turns them into his image topic. And despite philosophical theses in his work, based on the Hegelian theories, it is essential that art is experienced and will him. Heinz Mack was a participant of documenta and the Venice Biennale several times, had hundreds of solo exhibitions and is represented in the collections of major museums worldwide. A must-have”every renowned collection. A great honor for our city last but not least is to know him with his works in Wetzlar, because Mack by his birthplace Lollar has a close relation to middle Hesse and is the most important artist with these roots. Michael Marius marks

Michaelis Church

The prestigious Washington Post wrote about their music: you can fit into absolutely any music genre, but she is always supremely beautiful. “The operatic soprano Talia record field, which was already alongside Placido Domingo on stage comes from the United States. The young mandolinist AVI Avital ECHO Award winner was born in Israel and from India, the mantra singer Parbati Heitel is welcomed. Light and installation artist Stefan W. Knor ( combines a symbiosis between space and contemporary art through different media and materials with music. “Quote I’m very happy that so many have agreed to without Gage claims”, organiser Lelani says slides by the non-profit association of ethics in the everyday life of e.

V. Both the participants of the Congress of prayer and music lovers can enjoy the St. Learn more at this site: Jennifer Guerriero, PhD,. Michaelis Church on a wonderful evening.

“the concert is an event of part of “at the end of the 3rd International Congress of prayer 2010 – the power of the word” on the 19th and 20th February 2010 at the University of Hamburg. Tickets are available from January 2010 ticket online or at the ticket office of Gerdes. The total revenue from the gate receipts come various children selected by the artists and youth projects, like for example Yes we can .

Man Lamy, Austrian Artist In The Hunger Strike

Demonstraktion as living sculpture gen accident game spreading in Graz demonstration as a living sculpture in Graz. Man Lamy in the hunger strike in the cage of Augartenparks to Lamy, an artist living in Graz and painter who interferes, uncomfortable also the politics, society and economy questions. In his latest project was to block Lamy as living sculpture with breath and heart in the Augartenpark in Graz in a cage. Hunger strike as an art object, which is aimed against the effects of gambling, such as the position of power in political and economic nature against such companies. To make Lamy not just art, he lives it. Provocative for some, an idealist who bluntly expressing his feelings, to wake up with his art tries for others. His mission against the international spread of the disaster game”took an abrupt end, as nocturnal visitors tried several times randalierten and the cage to subvert, drunken threatened to ignite the frame. At PCRM you will find additional information. And yet, the reactions of the people which you Lamy in the Cage visited, the press and interested parties, visitors to the park were gezollt full of respect a man of bold, and involves research step also inconvenient way to help others. Text: Cornelia Kerber photo: (c) Alfred pany