Social Assistance

Today one knows that these families are supported by the Program Stock market Family. It does not have doubt, of that many people had been excluded to participate of the Program, everything because of the inefficiency and lack of information of the executors of this public politics. In this period, still it was possible to observe that many families lacked with the truth in the repassed information Only Cadastro. These information were repassed to the Ministry of the Work, School and other Institutions, of where it came the constatao of falseness. Many beneficiaries omitted the signed wallet work, some that were married said that they were single others placed children and nephews to participate of the Program. Complex one in such a way became one the cadastradores to recognize who really was needing social assistance. In result of this, the work of update of the data of Only Cadastro was initiated.

As not more cadastradora in the homes, I started to be one of the responsible ones to register in cadastre and to bring up to date the data of the families, also carried through raising of the blockade and reversion of cancellation. This moment was well difficult, therefore it did not have training. It was necessary to go behind knowledge to make a worthy work to the families. It did not have as if not to comover with the problems of the families, did not have a worthy place that they could be taken care of, making jus to the stigma ' ' service for poor person can at any cost be made ' '. During the three years participating of the activities of the City department of Social Assistance, more specifically in the sector of Only Cadastro, the indifference of the public power with the population was observed most devoid, the disrespect of some professionals, who were not prepared to deal with the social difficulties of the families, the lack of information repassed to the beneficiaries of the Program, not the fulfilment of the complementary programs that would have to give chances from proper work of the beneficiary.