Ricardo Mendez

It is therefore very valid when noted, the material that work with universities, knowledge, aspect that should not be updated with this guarantee kept up-to-date, and more, knowing, knowledge seems to expand to infinity, while the available resources that are counted, barely reaches to learn about this real explosion. Also indicates us that the University is a transmitter of knowledge and recognizes knowledge an essential dimension for human beings and society (Zurita, 1998). They have to be clear the universities, their authorities, which modern society depends on increasing degree of knowledge, of its transmission, application, development and critical examination. A knowledge that increases in geometric progression as going activated him, taking into account. Rightly said, that before the previous reality, there is a greater demand for properly trained to know, understand and operate in complex phenomena of social realities, incorporating those instruments and procedures required accompanied by a greater capacity for abstraction and more powerful mastery of the techniques of simulation of all kinds (Herrera, 1998).

To this regard, Nancy Alarcon and Ricardo Mendez us resembles saying about it the late Peter Drucker (1994), the greatest changes occurred in the field of knowledge and the biggest challenge is education since in the immediate future it will take educated different persons differently than as it is done todaywith capabilities appropriate to confront and resolve new situations in a rapidly changing environment. For more information see this site: World Travel & Tourism Council. The fields of the knowledge and education are themselves of the University, though not in an exclusive way, and therefore the changes affecting them affect directly in its academic functions of teaching and research. Continuous growth of change forces University to make great efforts to maintain its validity (Ayarza, 1998). Finally, take into account that the quality of teaching, is defined as achieving a professional or higher level technician training. However to be considered quality, teaching must satisfy the following requirements: 1. the teaching will be quality if it manages to meet the expectations of the graduate be it technical, professional, degree, graduate or postgraduate.

Expectations are referred to intellectual development, higher status, social mobility and higher incomes. 2. The teaching will be quality if it manages to improve the work performance of graduates through the development of skills required by organizations and companies. 3.