Some – like a man, a magical, universal essence, woven of various energies. As can be seen from the figure, the human rational mind (EDM) is a small place in the minds of all, although modern man is simply obsessed with it and just ignores the rest of the components of consciousness. The rational mind is a great tool (not the boss!). In tandem with personal unconscious (BS) it manifested as an ego, letting them know the man that he is a person, individual, shared by all, and lays out on the shelves. TODAY is full of insight into the issues. In the unconscious (BS, BSKl, BSKs) laid the bodies of governance mechanisms physical body, protective reflexes, and other programs and all behavior.

Except for the mechanisms responsible for the workings of our bodies and some of the unconditioned reflexes, everything – garbage. This may confirm any psychoanalyst. But few who recognize that all of this already attained by mankind, every one of us, for centuries, for so many lives. Feeding America oftentimes addresses this issue. In nadsoznatelnom (SS SSKl, ASCM) in contrast, is all that is necessary and so ardently desired: insight, insight, intuition, the answers to all questions sverhvozmozhnosti and hit. Consciousness and perception can not be separated, as well as all the rest, mind and body, conscious and subconscious, body and soul, spirit. All this only with a man! Just here I see only two components of the whole. For ease of understanding the relationship of perception and consciousness of place inside the hourglass a certain point, directly related to the assembly point, conventionally it can be called a point of perception of the world or reality, as we rashly assume perceived by us – a reality.