Before going on we will define which is the TAROT. Additional information is available at Borgen Project. It is a set of 78 cards, called mysteries, divided into junior and senior. Juveniles, 56 cards divided into four suits (wands, cups, gold and swords) speak of specific situations in the life of the client. The Major Arcana with 22 cards, that tell us about more than concrete situations, represents the human being as a whole and the relationship with the world, nature, the cosmos. In the individual work with the Tarot, especially the major arcana interests us as we talk about the individual as a whole, connecting with his own individuality, and he lives and works in life. The image we see in each of the letters, are archetypes, represtacion parts of ourselves.

Carls According to Jung, "Archetypes represent instinctual forces operating independently in the depths of the human psyche." Exploring these archetypes can discover the archetype is manipulating us, and to release and heal, making their polarity and make it as a tool and personal resource to reach our own individuality. The Tarot shows what we want and we hate ourselves, our defense mechanisms, fears and desires. It also represents innate qualities in ourselves and we can use to achieve our goals and grow in full, and reach one's individuality. In the individual work with the Tarot as integral growth of the person so united and interrelated with the Gestalt approach, which includes and is based on existentialist philosophy in the field theory, also picks up some points of Psychoanalysis, among other theories and approaches .