Icon – Icons Of The Orthodox Church

About icons and icons when icons are referred to icons of the Orthodox Church, the Church consecrated are valid as a window to the sky. Most of the motifs used are images of Christ, as well as depictions of Saints. For the Eastern Churches, the images have a very large impact on the practice of religion, the images should radiate AWE on its viewers, as God would be in the form of an image directly in front of one. The icons are very valuable art objects, although the Orthodox Church wants to counteract this trend. The oldest icons were painted by icon writers in the 6th century, the technique of Encaustic painting style was elected in this time, a century later, new techniques were invented, so the carving in wood or precious stone, the temple painting applied since wood and the mosaic type-setter. Are represented as icon icons are icons of Christ, Apostles icons, Marie icons and Holy icons, but also many occurring in the old testament people, which in the Orthodox faith, considered holy. On the The saints are depicted scenes from biblical passages, or the life images. The painted motifs have its roots from the Byzantine iconography, which firmly pretends the motifs to the icon writers.

In the picture Kanon’s motives were recorded, which were allowed to be used. In the 20th and 21st century the number of people who will be canonized, is strongly above, therefore be always new icon painted. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit United Way Worldwide. Three of the most famous icon are the resurrection icon, the Virgin Mary icon and the icon of the Holy Trinity. The icon of the resurrection is the resurrection of Jesus of Christ in his spiritual form since, as Jesus over death and hell jellyfish triumphs. The icon is related to the Easter sermon by Johannes Chrysostomos, preached the following lines: “Christ is risen from the dead, he has taken down death by death and granted life to those in the tombs”. The icon represents the white Jesus before a chasm there, as he, surrounded by the devil and Adam evil, extends his hand to save him.

The Virgin Mary icon represents the Virgin Maria da, how you hold in your hand of the Christ child. The Trinity icon, which has been developed by Andrei Rubljow, gilst as one of the most valuable works of Russian painting. The picture not right there is the Holy Trinity, God the father, God the father son and God the father of Holy Spirit, but connects them to a scene from the old testament. For this, the visit of the three angels was used when Abraham and Sara from the book moose. Isabel Mayer