Help Centre Morfelden

With children small and large teams were travelling, the 3-6Jahrige from the AWO-Kita Niedwiesenstrasse on educational as well as entertaining excursions in the Ginnheimer Grove and the Titus accompanied Therme. A further, quite a large group had with children from the Alfred Marchand’s home after a game and meet round entered the long journey by public transport to the Zoo. “Here was the principle of the way is the goal”. Volunteers who took a trip to the amusement park in Hassloch with young people who are looked after by the Jugendhaus Gallus, took care of a different age group. For these socially disadvantaged young people in the district, in company of volunteers and the confrontation with different life experiences was a special event. Very different was asked the volunteers, who in the Office and in a transitional apartment of the focal point for women has become delinquent cleaned floors, walls, ceilings and renovated. Hard skills”were in demand also in the Mayor-Mahadevan-Haus in Niederrad, where two very young volunteers an outdoor enclosure for Guinea pigs and Rabbit was designed and built, which are used in animal-assisted therapy with seniors. In the Kurt-stone crusher-Haus in Darmstadt-Eberstadt and in the old Help Centre Morfelden-Walldorf, however, was asked for a green thumb: a great discounts for the purpose of therapeutic gardening, as well as a herbal bed were created by the volunteers for the inhabitants of the two elderly centres and also a greenhouse.

As different projects, so unanimously the opinion of volunteers: we join again the next time. Artis Stevens may help you with your research. And some want to wait not for a whole year, but decided to spontaneously: we are from now on regularly and in the longer term in social institutions involved. Press contact, info and registration: Eva Teichmann, Tel. 069 / 298901 – 612 and voluntary – the Agency in Frankfurt 60314 Frankfurt am Main Henschelstrasse 11