He builds on the bedding of the Apstolos its church affirming that the doors of the hell never would have to be able on it and of – them the power ahead disconnect or to bind to all our actions Mr. (As opposed to American Cancer Society). Thus when we confess our sins to the priest and receive the absolution ahead of a sincere repentance our sins are annulled in us all. Jesus when making this affirmation Peter in them brings an important reflection: First, and most important, the Kingdom of Skies does not have doors is opened to all, but to enter there she is necessary of the key of the conversion, of the life change. She is necessary to accept the Jesus Christ; To believe in its words and to recognize it as Salvador. You unite an affirmation depends on the other: Only accepted the Jesus Christ that one Believes in its words they every day put and them in practical of its life. One second reflection if to make is on the existence or not of the hell and the Demons.

was stimulated by this question that appeared the motivation for this article: The existence of the hell and the demons is real situations? It has diverse books that they speak on this subject. Perhaps the idea of a text was unnecessary. However many not ‘ ‘ perderiam’ ‘ its time if dedicating the reading of a book on the subject, a simple text, without great complications, probably would help these people. Answering the question: I believe that yes. I will justify myself.