Executive Chairman Lord

Executive Chairman Lord as I stay silent?, if they have returned me to life!, ripping me from the mouth of the horror and the underworld. If it had no words, letters or even agonizing, my throat was a sepulchre, anonymous grave of verses and rhymes, that just exhaled whimpers, as evacuated Elegies of hell, that hardly beasties laments that were born and died dead. For more specific information, check out Multi-Cancer Early Detection Screening Coverage Act. If you would like not be eternally grateful? If they give me the opportunity to continue to serve, also, society! A life that is already extraordinary, not just have bran but besides the message emitted by ESSALUD and their professional society, as La Esperanza is the dream of man awake, drowsy ESSALUD makes reality. It is a message of faith, of optimism, for a society eager for illusions, real hopes of feats feasible because you exploits them, beyond resounding facts, it is made up of everyday heroism, of small or large gestures usually anonymous, unnoticed, sometimes even badly paid, but however they remain heroism and exploits that feed a true culture of life and maintains the illusion lit thousands of terminally ill patients, sometimes already hopelesswithout words and without moaning. Eternal gratitude to Dr. Jose Carlos Chaman, who thought that the road is better than the Inn and illuminated it with their pupils, which are like two flashes of talent and spirit as Cervantes! his team of surgeons, Dexmedetomidine, anesthesiologists, Hepatologos, nurses, Hematologists, nutritionists, social workers, psychologists, technicians and administrative that highten the social role of ESSALUD! Thanks to ESSALUD, through Mr President and follow you provide their full assistance to transplant! Thanks to procurement in the person of Dr. Victor Hugo Torres for all the support, so I put my clinic history, my testimony of life, my voice, my time and what you can contribute, to motivate a greater culture of donation in the Peru! This successful transplant, are discussing it in Brazil, Dr.

Victor Aguero Chu in Belgium Hospital La Biere, Dr. Jorge Arrese the officer of the who Dr. Carlos Castillo Solorzano at the Washington Hospital, Dr. Ricardo Jimenez Celi in Mexico DF, Guadalajara, Civil Hospital, in Leon, Trujillo, my former workplace in Piura my native land, in the hospitals of solidarity, my current workplace, in heaven, where they arrived thousands of prayers and prayers, for this reason: you have to emulate the successful, not only benefits social, academic, but also in their sacrifices and renunciations!