Diagnosis Cardiac

The bibliographical one is about an article having as metodolgica base, based through the collection of data on scientific articles carried through in the Virtual Library in Health (BIREME), that it corresponds to a database with scientific literature and composed technique for Lilacs, Medline, IBECS, Library Cochrane and Scielo. 2. DEVELOPMENT 2.1. Theoretical Referencial 2.1.1 Definitions of Stopped Cardiorrespiratria Hadi (2008) I defined the PCR as the interruption of the cardiac activity in an individual without terminal illness. The individual if finds with absence of efficient cardiac beatings, absence of unconscious breath and. The cardiorrespiratria stop (PCR) is the sudden suspension of the sistmica circulation of the activities ventricular useful and ventilatria in an individual with expectation of restoration of the function to cardiopulmonar and cerebral.

In such a way, I defined ressuscitao to cardiopulmonar it (RCP) as joint of procedures after PCR with objective to keep artificially the vital circulation of arterial blood to the brain and other agencies until the occurrence of the return of the spontaneous circulation (RCE) (GUIMARES, et al, 2008). 2.1.2 Signals and symptoms that precede the Cardiorrespiratria Stop the conscience, the pulse and the arterial pressure are immediately lost. The inefficacious respiratory effort can occur, the pupils of the eyes starts if to dilatar inside of 45 seconds, the convulsions can occur or not. The signal trustworthest of the cardiac arrest is pulse absence. In the adult and the child, the carotdio pulse is evaluated (SMELTZER; BARE, 2006). In accordance with Lino (2006), the unconsciousness, absence of carotdea and femoral pulsation, apnea or sketch of breath and dying appearance are coexistentes conditions of PCR. Other signals can be identified, as the mydriasis, suggestive of cerebral injury, cianose in the extremities and pallor of the skin (MATSUMOTO, 2008). 2.1.3 Diagnosis of Stopped Cardiorrespiratria the clinical diagnosis of cardiac stop occurs when the following signals are gifts: unconsciousness, death breath or the apnea and the absence of pulses.