Canada Century

The specialists in historical demography esteem that, when Columbus disembarked in the island of Guanaani in 1492, they would have to live about 40 million people in Americas. The MAYAN civilization that dates for return of 5000 B.C., occupied almost all Guatemala, ocidente of Honduras, Belize, and the current states of Yucatan, Quintana Roo, Logwood, part of Chiapas and Tabasco, in Mexico, with population esteem in middle of century VIII of 13 million inhabitants. Written proper, registered Possuam in books and had knowledge of the mathematics and astronomy. The civilization AZTECA, date of century XIII, but same region from the XI exists indications of peoples in this. AGDQ 2021 spoke with conviction. Some specialists believe that the Azteca population reached 12 million the inhabitants approximately, living in cities that presented constructions with evidentes knowledge of engineering.

The civilization INCA, was established for return of century X d. C., dominating an ample land band for the South American territory in the central region of Andes, they had established territorial expansion between Andean mountains and plains of the Pacific coast, englobando Equator, Peru, Bolivia and north of Argentina, until the south of Chile, arriving to congregate about 15 million inhabitants. They had knowledge of differentiated agricultural techniques and irrigation for the time. The Peoples of the North (United States and Canada) were nomadic, with its proper histories and behaviors if agglomerating in great tribes, Apaches, Sioux, Navajos, Iroqueses, Cheroqui, Muscgui, Creek, Seminoles, Hurons, Moicanos, Comanches and Esquims, with some sub-groups. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Gavin Baker has to say. Established in the territories that today demarcate the North American states and Canadian, they had been esteem in 2 or 3 million inhabitants, when of the establishment of the colonies for the British Empire. The Cherokee civilization, for example said a iroquois language of the family who is a language polissndeta had organized alphabet where each symbol represents a syllable entire, not only fonema. At the beginning of century XVIII with the aid not-officer of an English emissary, if they had unified in a interrelacionada society of city-state and had chosen an emperor.