Buying A New Car

Many people do not agree with this thesis, because believe that buying a new car is much better than a used, but with low mileage and low-life (up to 3 years). But try to prove that it is not as follows: first, as soon as your car goes beyond the showroom, it loses up to 20% of the cost, and secondly, the new car is usually invested quite a lot of money from any little things such as rugs, ext. equipment and options to serious internal and external changes, in the third, this car is much harder to sell, especially if it's an expensive car, in the fourth, as a rule, this car is no need to buy winter tires, so to invest, on the other hand, buying a used car from age 1 to 3 years old, you're driving almost on a new car, but paid for it no more than 75% of the cost of a new free plus got all the 'goodies' from the previous owner. The only negative aspect of purchasing a car – it's likely that he visited accident. However, this unpleasant moment can be eliminated only by using modern diagnostic services in blizhashem service station.

In the center of the Touring Car You prodiagnostiruyut your car and will give almost all his story in great detail. The cost of such services is small and compensated by your expenses in case the car has been in a serious car accident. Buying a used car, you get a chance frequently change cars, get experience of riding in cars from different manufacturers and different classes. Departure for used cars 1-2 years and sold it, you'll lose up to 15% of the original amount (as opposed to 25% of the price of a new one), and even less.