Brazilian Culture

Notes on the Jewish contribution for the Brazilian culture Prof. Michael Winetzki rain fell in thick drops on marshy parallelopipeds forming fast courses and innumerable puddles. The horses hurried themselves, scattering water for the sides, while the comitiva cut the dawn. Inside of the covered cart with the closed curtains, the priest looked for to get of the prisoner the last confession. This, using a nightgown of coarse cotton, hands tied with rustic ropes, went murmuring of closed eyes its last conjuncts. The tortures were not obtaining to break its spirit and have very, pain, of acrrima enemy, if had transformed into soft friend.

Still it is dawn when they arrive at the place. The execution had not been announced and it did not have public, but, although the secret, the legal rituals of the death needed to be followed. On the gallows, carrasco, the priest and the prisoner who asked for not to be vendado. As witnesses the soldiers of the guard and the conductor of the covered cart. It is raised voice of priest: – for the last unhappy time, renegas the accepted heresy and Jesus Christ as its only Mr. and Salvador? While carrasco arranges the rope in its neck, the prisoner murmurs: – Israel Hears, you is our God, you is one! One hears a estalido fort of the alapo if opening and other, weakker, of the neck if breaking. The rope balances some times and stops. The guards remove the body, thread it in a great burlap bag they play and it in the soil of the covered cart.

The priest scatters blessed water in cross form on the corpse that would be burnt and reduced the dust, ' ' so that of it memria&#039 did not remain any; '. Torrential rain washes any signal of the happened one. The sun starts to be born in humid Lisbon in middle of February of 1744.