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Increasingly so vendors and their products, have been selected according to the criteria of regionality, seasonality and organic farming. Also waste return stations are set up for visitors, in order to ensure a better separation. StromChecker provide insight on the MELT! The organizer can make much on the legs by their commitment. But the individual makes through its Festival behavior the real difference: he decides whether he will arrive by train and if he has any regional food in the luggage. Connect with other leaders such as Com Meals here. “” So many MELT! visitors learn, they have great influence on the climate, is the campaign climate clickers “spot in continuous use: in addition to an information booth with numerous materials around the issues of energy saving and climate protection are employees of the campaign as StromChecker” on the road.

They show the festival-goers with the help of iPad, where they stand with their power consumption as compared to the German average and how you can easily reduce their consumption. This is online with the StromCheck Express on possible. In addition, there will be a bicycle-powered cell phone charging station and everyone can wear garish bright his climate messages with fluorescent colors in the world, without wasting a kilowatt-hour consumed. A tour guide for musicians was for the first time this year artists flyer for the own climate-friendly tour and bands developed. The flyer ramp sow or climate pig?”gives tips for the own climate-friendly tour.

If the climate-friendly transportation, the power consumption on the stage or the selection of catering, there are many ways that artists on the tour’s own energy consumption can have an influence. co2online non-profit GmbH which is non-profit consultancy co2online mbH for the reduction of climate-damaging CO2 emissions a. Interactive energy advisors, an energy savings, heat mirrors, a climate quiz and portal partners from business, media, science, policy and management motivates individuals, with Active climate protection to save money. “co2online is funded campaign seeking climate by the Ministry for environment protection” (, as well as the youth campaign climate clickers ‘ ( Besides nationwide car red mobs supporting the campaign has shot the first climate-friendly video of the world in Berlin carried out the first German Green clubbing night, from classical to rock climate-friendly organized musical events.