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We/I are dependent on your help urgently. To make this work better, we have some important The concept changes to, which z.T have been down in the list. The most important thing in the near future can participate everyone! All kinds of art are welcome: pictures, sculptures, new media, lighting, performance, music, etc., are 250 sqm exhibition area plus exterior and roof available no limit what are issued for work, in the process progress is ok, no censorship, no selection, no talking to him! You decide what and how you want to exhibit, we let you do that! No restriction on the number of works, the only limitation is your imagination! The artists put their works on walls, ceilings and stairs, wherever they want for musicians and performers there’s an open stage on the first night, (only 2 acts! first come first serve) to subscribe via email: room Nr 16 is available for one-day exhibitions (mini statements) available: link to write a: doodle.com/62es2p4c4uw98pzr by each participant a personal contribution is expected: supervise E.g. exhibition: registered: doodle.com/7rebqv5spfn2gqke, (is possible also on Sept. 1) / documentation: film, photograph, write on blogs / PR operated: print media, emails, flyers / posters / networking, contacts, social media, friends, ideas / input, surveys, it is ultimately in the interest of all that the exhibition is well documented and many visitors come. BTW: It can engage people who do not exhibit 😉 The prices of works of art are neither written nor set! If visitors are interested in, you can make a price proposal, which the artist can accept or reject information here: submit tender direct, local crowdsourcing: A large donation fund is placed right at the entrance, so all exhibition visitors have the opportunity to directly financially support participants; the money from this Fund is divided by all participants at the end of the exhibition. It’s about art, being together, and fun! Note! All information, Organizational, (Please read carefully!), list of works, floorplan, flyer, are online here: starkart.org/exhibitions/mir-hands-notig-2-1/#tabs_min-3 visit the premises can be visited on Saturday 25 August. One can register also for the mini saga, as aides report or clarify any questions.

Just come by. Dokumaterial (photos/videos/lyrics) and unanswered questions please send to starkart.org. We look forward to much art, style and you! Opening hours depend how many sign up for exhibition supervision (fix 16-7 pm Thu/Fri/Sat only), are the goal would be a late night gallery, minimum one day per week E.g. (SAT) open into the night. If this is achieved, two concerts can be made per Saturday. Writing for Ausstellungebaufsichtigung and musicians here: doodle.com/7rebqv5spfn2gqke best regards Roman Leu “me hands needed 2.1? 1 September 30, 2012 Thu/Fri/Sat 16 7: 00 stark art exhibitions brauerstrasse 126, 8004 Zurich Links: “my hands need 2.0? in a stark way: starkart.org/exhibitions/mir-hands-notig-2-1/ visit us on Facebook: events/353955988013259 /.