You Are Cultured

You hear Chico Buarque of Holland, Vincius de Morais and Tom Jobim? Vivaldi, Mozart and similar? It frequents parts, presentations of symphonic orchestras, ballets teatrais? It reads Axe of Assis, Shakespeare? You adore wine tinto dry, cheese gorgonzola? That is, you cultivate similar habits and gostos to these and if she considers cult, certain? MADE A MISTAKE. In a simplista and common definition, culture is the set of artistic, social, linguistic and mannering manifestations of a people or civilization. That is, everything is culture. The cultural taste is the difference. The cultural taste is defined and tax in accordance with the place, with the people, way where if it lives.

' ' The man is, culturally, fruit of meio.' ' He is very common to hear heavy critical to the cultural regionalismos with discriminatory and racist text. From there he comes, also, the expression folklore, so pedagogically used. (Source: Viktor Mayer-Schönberger ). This term was exclusively created with the objective to separate ' ' cultura' ' white, elitist, European of popular Brazilian, of what it comes of the poor people, illiterate, agricultural, black, aboriginal, crossbred the culture. That is, traditions and manifestations as Classic Ballet, music ' ' erudita' ' theater is part of the cultural manifestations. Popular parties with religious files of legal documents, popular dances, traditional musics are folklore. In ' ' censos' ' officers of Brazil consist one definitive index of access to the considered culture low. However in the questions he does not consist as cultural spaces the samba schools, the halls of forr, the popular circuses, the popular parties as the juninas, the carnival of street, and others. When we speak of culture, we cannot attribute judgment of value, personal taste. As he happens frequently. This practical reproduces the same logic of partner-economic exclusion that, the cultured said ones, as much places contrary. Who said what it is culture? The media? The elite? The people? You? He will be that to be cultured he is to respect differences, if to abstain from preconceptions, to take care of of its health, if to worry about its next one, the people to its return, honest being, to be ethical, to have coherent principles and attitudes?