WWF Seismic

Earthquake caused a tsunami more than ten meters high, resulting in extensive destruction. According to the latest number of victims of the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan has risen to 8000 133 people. In the present missing 12 272 listed as missing man. About 360 thousand have been evacuated from the disaster zone and placed in temporary shelters in 14 prefectures of the country. Is it possible earthquake in Moscow? After the devastating earthquake in Japan even in the most seismically quiet regions of the world wondered: Is it possible to have an earthquake? Russian scientists have also decided to answer the question concerning the possibility of earthquakes in the Russian capital.

Following Japanese scientists predict a small earthquake in Moscow. According to experts, the force of the tremors can make 5 on the Richter scale. For even more opinions, read materials from Nieman Foundation. Earth is now entered a phase of high seismic activity, so these developments are possible in Moscow, according to some experts. But there is another point of view. No own seismic activity in the Moscow region not all seismic events that have ever felt in capital, were echoes of earthquakes in the Carpathian Mountains, according to scientists.

The whole central region of Russia located on the seismic zoning map of the area intensity of 5 points, which is considered a weak seismic exposure. Earthquake with an intensity of about 4-5 points, which from time to time be felt in the capital, are generated not in Moscow, and in the Carpathian region, said the scientist. But, nevertheless, the experts consider necessary to to conduct a seismic survey of the entire territory of Moscow, to see how tall the building will respond to possible echoes of distant earthquakes, the effect of which, however, can be compared with wind loads. After all, high-rise buildings in the capital are being built without anti-seismic events, as stipulated in the rules and regulations for the aseismic zone to which the Moscow. In Russia, are preparing for another international event 'Earth Hour' campaign 'Earth Hour' to be held in Russia for the third time – every year the last Saturday in March has left hundreds of millions of people around the world turning off the lights for an hour to show that they care about the future of our planet. This action – symbol of respect for nature and resources of the earth. Earth Hour – the mass action in the history of mankind. In 2010, nearly 9 million Russians took part in Earth Hour, a worldwide – more than a billion people. This year, WWF calls people are not limited to turning off the light, but also take concrete steps, large or small, to take care of the future of our planet. Residents of the peninsula for the third time to participate in the 'Hour Earth-2011 ', which will be held March 26 at 20:30. The payment terminals Qiwi on the eve of the international event 'Earth Hour' button WWF will be among the 'hot buttons' that allow you to easily make a donation to the environment. In addition, on March 26 – when Millions of people around the world will switch off lights for one hour in support of respect for nature – in all 110 thousand terminals will Qiwi banner calling to take part in 'Earth Hour'. The general concept of action in this year's '60 '+ (the number of minutes in an hour), that is, WWF calls on everyone not only to take part in Earth Hour, but also asks, what else can you do for the planet?