Working Space

Every employee of any company, firm, studio, the museum has every right to a full working office, where they can safely and productively. Placing an office in a residential apartment depends on the overall planning solution and nature of the work of its owner. If this activity is associated with frequent business trips, the office should be the maximum isolated from the main living areas. If this office is a scholar, writer, and then the input can be free and out of the bedroom and living room. When choosing an office space to accommodate the fact that the most productive time to work – early in the morning, so we recommend placing the office to the east or southeast. Relationship with the Cabinet living room extend the opportunity to use both interchangeably. To carry out this connection can be with a conventional door or a wide opening with double curtains, sliding partition. Barrier may also serve as modifying cabinet, cabinet with flowers, a makeshift bar, etc.

In the case of family holidays, the reception office will be easy to integrate with the living room, which will create additional space and comfort. If the owner loves the office as an isolated environment for the work required to choose the most isolated room. The main requirement for an interior office is in distinguishing features creative activities, business meetings and receptions. Home office furniture – desk, chair, bookshelves. Desktop – one of the main elements of the interior of the office.

It should be large enough, depending on the type of activity. Sometimes to him attached a small closet, or he already has enough volume in the sale of consoles. Office chair (chair) – should be comfortable and fit to work without bending your back. The trunk should be tilted slightly forward, but no more. Take note that a very bad draw breasts on the table. This leads to premature fatigue and disruption of proper breathing. Bookcases – placed behind the employee, which is much easier than before table. This provides a quick and comfortable access to the employee the right literature. On the desk in the office should fall on abundant natural light. Better to light rays on the left. Comfortable if the employee will observe the space with side door. To work in the evening is recommended to use a directional light lamps, with a fairly intense light, not to spoil his sight. Lamps must be placed over the man's head, so that direct rays do not "beat" in the eyes. In the office, of course, we recommend allocating free space for a workout or break "for coffee." Specialists proved that the prolonged mental work is not highly effective without periodic workouts and rest every two hours. It is better to warm up near the window and do not forget the exercises for the eyes. Free wall of the office, you can use for your favorite pictures or photos that will raise the mood in the intervals between jobs. Even a brief shift from positive emotions stimulate creative work. Additional storage room to the office, even the smallest size can perform the function, for example, workshop or lab or storeroom. Interiors, workplace organization, lead recreation: everything in the office, should be in perfect order. And this in a literal sense, because mental work takes place in a hurry, tension, constantly searching for the right things – the most lavish on productivity. By taking note of our advice, you can easily organize themselves and to improve fruit your work.