“He called the distribution of added value (capital reflux) cater to all members of a company say: all the same”. “Already addressed how Marx outlines the communism later with a social wealth and the principle: each according to his abilities, each according to his needs”. “” Thus, Marx himself has shown, that everyone be the same initial “not equal to each according to his needs” is. The of Marx and his companion of angels as Bonapartist half dictator”Bismarck referred to, did as the two Communists correctly noted, a part of their work, without it notice. He United Germany and was responsible for the introduction of social insurance (accident, health care, pension and unemployment insurance). This was the real opening for the term welfare State”and a new dimension in the thinking about justice. = Justice social and political justice; Justice as fairness of interpersonal actions (cf.

annex) current definitions and views of distributive justice this is about current discussions within the present to the feasibility of a righteous society”State and the nature of the people and the effect of one on the other in relation to the exercise of his rights. (…) in modern Western countries, the policy provides your goal is to combine the efficiency of its distribution and the preservation of individual liberty. (…) “While utilitarianism (see also annex) ajustice as fairness) relies on a policy that maximizes the total welfare, moves the liberalist” Approach in a range, limiting the minimalist understanding of State action to secure natural rights of freedom and to leave all supply problems to the free market, to J. Rawls notion of social justice extends, under which all goods are always distributed to that of especially the worst provided individuals benefit… “(Vgl. J. Meran Wirtschaftsethik) it is the Justice of the ruling to the citizens (…)”””, Justice against anyone “, is required as in the oath of Office of the members of the Government (REF.