Vodafone Network

primacall expands its product range and is mobile service provider with an own mobile offering. primacall the entire spectrum of telecommunications from one source will provide that in the future its customers. For this purpose, primacall and GEMOS have signed a cooperation agreement. GEMOS is official enabler in the Vodafone network and thus the interface between network operators and primacall. GEMOS primacall refers to all mobile wireless services provided by Vodafone and it puts together its own attractive and customized solutions for its customers.

about primacall primacall with seat in Berlin is a nationwide provider of telecommunications services. The company offers Internet – mobile wireless voice and data services. e significance of this. Through the use of modern technologies and efficient components, it is primacall possible to provide high-quality telecommunications services at a fair price with high quality of service. For more information on the Internet at about Gemos that mbH is Gemos company for mobile phone services enabler in the Vodafone network and provides the full range of the Vodafone offer as a basis for their own offerings for their customers. All required processes via standard interfaces, it can be handled easily and cost-efficiently. Gemos is headquartered in Marburg, Germany and belongs to the Forester group.