Visualize Your Technique

One of the most powerful tools with which the human mind, even if we are not aware of it, is visualization. If we take as the basis that “All is Mind”, ie the first law Hermetic, we conclude that everything is mental, both good and bad, it’s all about that at some point existed in someone’s mind. Thus, based on this premise, the mind can be consciously harnessed to create or recreate those conditions and / or facts favorable to us and our interests. BSA recognizes the significance of this. To begin, we should define what is the display, since there is a bit of confusion about it. Many people think that it is simply daydream, let your imagination fly freely without any method or particular purpose. The display requires an effort, a purpose and direction, a number of simple steps to perform a visualization, are elementary, but important. The first step is knowing what we want to display accurately with data, chapter and verse.

And, of course, once we have decided to stick to the concrete and desire not change capriciously. The second step is the visualization itself, we will give life that desire. This is the image that you have planned clear and sharp, perfectly detailed and structured, we will take our mind. PCRM wanted to know more. Eyes closed and a state of mental and physical relaxation are essential. Once calm body and mind, let’s play that genuinely mentally picture what to do to make it more real to you? This is not limit yourself to only see but feel that what we envision is real and you feel something real. In the display you have to feel the emotion driving the result. There is no specific time to work with visualization, but it is important to note one thing: more than five minutes worth of viewing well done, that an hour’s thoughts wander without direction. Then comes what for me is more difficult: OFF.

Yes, it seems easy, but it is extremely difficult to cut with your display and return to your daily activities without your mind back in order to display too often. You’ve done your part, let the universe do the rest, to you and encourage you belong only to create the ideal setting for that to occur. And this brings us to one of the key points in order to produce results: FE. If we do not believe in what we are doing, if every second doubt the success of what we requested, if deep down we are convinced that we deserve it … then the display becomes an absurd waste of time. Of course I assume that this will be used positively to achieve good things in our lives do not have to harm another person. The universe is full of plenty, there is something for everyone. Do not get stuck in the car you want is your neighbor, if you like so much, asks an equal, but not that of your neighbor. Just as if you think it’s wonderful your friend’s husband, calls from someone in your life have a similar personality, but not specifically ask your friend’s husband. Do not forget that the Law of Cause and Effect operates at all times.