Venezuela Chavez

He had found a chiva atoning for their sins. But it was not the only one. He also sacrificed one of their most loyal bishops, the hardest of their players in the rough politics boliburguesa Chess: the oxygenated Lina Ron. This requested the maximum sacrifice, their freedom, to ask it to attack the headquarters of Globovision (independent television channel, opposite to the outrages of the regime), order that the ineffable muchachota of eyes hooding and rozagantes cheeks fulfilled to the letter entrusted, with short weapons and tear gas canisters, but especially with suitable exposure of his face and his followers (all uniformed and embanderados) before the previously identified security cameras of the channel, and so there was no doubt of who commanded the Jack popular. NYU Stern Center for Responsible Business has plenty of information regarding this issue. The sacrifice of the maiden has become a common practice within the current revolutionary anti-culture in Venezuela. With her he starts operating the most bellaca maneuvers distraccionistas that the regime usually obtain assessments of political oxygen, but the true sacrifice, the more painful, that naked all the harshness of that practice, is cruelly expressed in more than 45,000 maidens that violence uncontrolled has taken by the horns. They are more than 45,000 women, young people and girls, true maidens of sacrifice have been meanly murdered during more than ten years, as a result of an unleashed insecurity and often complicit in the Chavez government.

That is the true sacrifice. It is called, with particular irony, to the Lieutenant Colonel Hugo Chavez Frias, current President of Venezuela since 1998. The Mote recalls that his failed attempt of military coup against the constitutionally elected Government of Carlos Andres Perez – 1992 – the Lieutenant Colonel Chavez Frias, quelled and failed his attempt, refuge at the military museum, located in the vicinity of the Miraflores Palace in Caracas, headquarters of the national executive power. There surrendered to forces loyal to the Government without firing a shot, and surrender with honour demanded that send you to the Museum a uniform with clean underwear. He was apprehended by a picket of the presidential guard in one of the restrooms in the Museum..