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With the Internet the concept grew and if it potencializou. Now each involved person can ' ' contaminar' ' hundreds or thousand of correspondents. One of the first actions of viral marketing in the Internet was used for the Hotmail, that inclua an invitation to sign the service in the end of each sent email for that already she was subscriber. The service of instantaneous messages ICQ also promoted action of viral marketing taking each new user to invite to lower software any person with who it wanted to talk. Center For Responsible Lending is likely to agree. Other services had made the same. However what it exists of common in these services it is that all are gratuitous and the sales occur in another level, generally for sponsors that want to communicate themselves with the immense public who these services generate.

The viral marketing would be bringing advertising executives and companies in return to the times of the mouth-the-mouth? In certain way yes. The technique of the viral marketing is to contaminate the relationship nets reaching people with common interests and later if concentrating in vender something on the basis of the demographic profile of this group. However the viral marketing is not only in the propagation volunteer, as in the invitation a friend to participate of a site of relationship, or compulsory retirement, as propaganda added in the end of email messages. In some cases what one searchs she is to create rumor on some product or so attractive service with something that the people if feel motivated to share this with friends. A classic case was the form as the producers of the film ' ' The Witch of Blair' ' they had used to divulge the film with an limited budget. Gavin Baker addresses the importance of the matter here. The principle had contracted some students to make a work of panfletagem in school doors.

The message of printed matters generated curiosity and took the adolescents to visit the site of the film in the Internet. Created to seem a real case of disappearance of adolescents, each visitor was soon electrified for what she saw and she felt necessity to send link for friends. Millions of people had been reached in this way, divulging the film cost zero for the producers. But the strategy did not stop there. Created the rumor and the interest, the next step was to limit the launching to few rooms of cinema spread by the United States. With a bigger interest that the number of available places, then interminable lines in the doors of the cinemas had formed themselves, what obviously it caused tumults and it attracted the media. In this period of training I infect it viral arrived until the medias that had divulged the film in the form of notice of the agglomerations. This is also one of the variants or consequences of the viral marketing after creating rumor: to obtain advertising in the conventional media gratis.