Training In Beekeeping

Having a pilot plant of utilization of honey and its derivatives and the Constitution of a training center, will enhance considerably the activity and beekeeping capacity of the Department of peace; the University most of San Andres UMSA, through the Institute for industrial research of the Industrial Engineering degree constitutes the institution, by its very nature of non-profit, appropriate to make the initiative sustainable from the economic, educational, interactive and investigative perspective. The pilot plant and the training centre will provide services of laboratory analysis of the honey, edits a periodical publication on beekeeping activity (printed and scanned), training courses will be held, days of upgrade will be carried out, seek contact and you escape networks with institutions and organizations national and international-that are dedicated to the same productive activity, it will form a specialized library (books(, magazines and other publications) for use producers, academics and researchers. ???????The management of bees producing honey, is an ecological activity, since it does not destroy the environment, nor produces any contamination?For the production of honey and other by-products, insects gather pollen and nectar from flowers, to contribute to the pollination of plants. Learn about the technology of utilization of the by-products of beekeeping activity, as in this case the pollen, will consolidate activity in those people who undertook the management of bees and will encourage new players to join the business. Continuous updating in the beekeeping activity, will ensure that individual and community ventures have the desired success; for this purpose it is necessary that there is an interaction between producers and academia of the Universidad Mayor de San Andres in such a way that all compatible their interests for the benefit of consumers. Most often the national market is demanding products that are certified, this ensures that the consumers can have quality products. Do the performance that can have an Apiary depends on the handling of the Queens of the beehives, in this sense are expected develop days of update for beekeepers and other interested people learn or update their knowledge on breeding and replacement bees reigns.