Trainee – More Self-reliance And Personal Responsibility. Make Trainee-check.

Trainee check, because a new life begins for many trainees (apprentices) changes with the start of training, which usually starts on the 8 or 01.09. of the year, some in their previous lives. The first job will bring not only financial independence, but also obligations. Now are to pay taxes and social security contributions, and not only that. In addition, the rent for the first own apartment or the WG must be paid when you no longer can stay with the parents or wants to. Here, David Bershad New York expresses very clear opinions on the subject.

Another car is added, maintenance costs here. Also to fall out as graduates from the previously comfortable family insurance. Now, the trainee is itself responsible for the necessary insured. Not only the separation of the usual living environment, the family and friends is imminent. As well we must intensively deal with the subject of money: what monthly net income and which regular monthly payments are up-to-date? NET means that not the whole monthly gross earnings on the account will be transferred. The State automatically deducts social security contributions. These are contributions to the unemployment, pensions, health and long-term care insurance.

From a total of about 900, usually even pay tax will be charged. How much net actually remains of the salary or wages after deduction of all taxes and duties, can be calculated with a salary calculator on the Internet. It is so beneficial, if the future trainee in advance of training created a serious financial plan. It does no harm if the parents or people who know this, help and support. No one should underestimate own dealing with the topic of finances. Otherwise, the successful completion of the work is only a marginal phenomenon that first large debt stock keeps the enthusiasm for this in borders. More information, tips and hints to the trainee-check: info/apprenticeship/trainee check is bildungsdoc education service and guidance for schools, parents, students, trainees, graduates, students and adults. You all find unbiased information on educational topics, education, training providers and educational institutions here easily and quickly. Matching funding, including funding programs will be presented to all training. Including grants (money gifts) and/or low-interest loans can be. There are neutral information, hints and tips for trips abroad, school, study, vocational training, job search and training. Contact: bildungsdoc AP: Horst beef Theodor Friedrich WEG 4 01279 Dresden E-Mail: Internet: