The Synderesis

But if you, revolutionary, dreamer or man practical, lover of life, transformer of the world, critical of the system, not encuadras in the conventional paradigm of what generates the injustices and ensuing conflicts; and if, by contrast, alineas you on the side of those who promote a new order for the world, in which prevails the discipline, justice, social equality or equity, rationality, all high values apparently only conquered by the books criticizing the abominable practices of those who have always wielded the power of the bellicose way that we speak why demons doso spontaneously, in the same controlled vices that they argue your so beautiful fights or drowsy? (see what I mean: as there are wars seen as beautiful). If it is true that we are in perpetual war, as we have said, and irrationality rife everywhere and a Word has shocking of atomic bomb effects and coconut threatens zarpazos from heaven itself; as it is true that the war condition seems a nature human, as well as the commendable fact that motivate you noble reasons to eradicate its causal, then I have to tell you two things: in war (historic plate) discipline must prevail, and the causes of concussion during her should be used as a source of energy to move forward in the conquest without losing the rational sense of the real thing (do not talk of revolutionTherefore? Then talk, us, don’t miss the rationality and equilibrium). Dana-Farber Breast Tumor Immunology Laboratory spoke with conviction. The enemy emerges, paradigmatically, in this items in emotionality, animality, fear, rumors, injustice, murders, systemic exploitation, slavery, Stampede, guts your tell me that we conquer the fight if, like him, we lose the synderesis brutally and it seems us join him, not only in body but in soul also). To read more click here: Breast Cancer Action . Be the guerrerismo a sort of nature human, with all their arsenal already paradigmatic motivations, such as social and economic inequality, human exploitation, colonialism, discrimination or racial religious; then you, as revolutionary as a dreamer who aspires to change towards a more symmetric humanity (away from the habit and use that has been), you have a titanic task, and is nothing more than fight against abysmal instincts of human animality.