The Same

The father, who never fishes had it as distraction, did not give satisfactions of its intention. Finally, one day, simply was said farewell to all, without expressing any feeling, entered in its canoe and left. The DEPARTURE the surprising one is that the departure did not occur in fact, the man left, but it was not even so of time, was motionless in the way it river. The conviviality in society left, abandoned the solidity of its daily it was placed the edge of its proper life. It is not gotten loose of the past, but also it does not advance for the stranger. But it contemplates, at a distance, the place that occupied until then. Its search was not for the new, was not of its interest to tame new horizontes, therefore it kept the firm look in the concrete, as it was tried to analyze it under another angle. Thus, becoming free themselves of the daily one, conquering its freedom in the current water, the man could pass the life the clean one.

Why to choose the river as shelter instead of the top of a mountain, for example? Of he could there sight the daily life where he was inserted keeping the same distanciamento that he got in the water. In an attempt to understand this choice he can yourself says be used it of Bachelard when he says that the water is a transitory element, the being directed toward the water is a being in vertigo. He dies to each minute, some thing of its substance pulls down constantly. The water always runs, always falls and always finishes in its horizontal death. In the solidity of a mountain it would be difficult to find malleability that the water offers for the transformations of the being. For being the river this transitory element, the man can glimpse the ticket of its life and be gone deep search of its proper substance.