The Right

In this direction, the author mentions that the activities that stimulate the right hemisphere of the brain are few e, when is gifts, they are not carried through with the same importance that the activities attributed to the left hemisphere, what he finishes provoking a deficit that is cured of more satisfactory form for few pupils. In this way, for a more complete development he is interesting to stimulate the brain of integrated and global form more. You mark detaches that another aspect important to understand the maturation of the nervous system is the agreement on the neuron, its basic unit. It points that each perception, storage of information, interpretation, impulse of action, volunteer or not, are carried through by neurons. The neurons establish connections between itself, in way that can transmit to excessively the received stimulatons, thus creating a reaction in chain and allowing that to the cells of the brain ' ' they talk between si' '. This communication happens through sinapses, that it is the transmission of the information of a cell for the other, thus the more sinapses if to develop, greater will be the learning throughout the life, since is by means of these exchanges that the learning occurs.

In this manner, it is possible to affirm that the more the human being, to stimulate the brain, greater will be its capacity to learn. We can perceive that the integrated organization of the nervous system and the brain guarantees that the learnings happen and any alterations in this system will go to make it difficult the capacity of the individual to learn. She is what she happens with the riot of dislexia learning called, where the person, exactly that she does not present any alteration in the language capacity, has specific difficulty for the reading and/or spelling. The dislxico pupil has slow, suffered and difficult codification, but he understands what he is codified.