The Patients

Smeltzer and Bare, (2004) agree that the accomplishment of this stage does not offer to the patient great risk of infection, therefore the professional act as vector in the process of transmission of illnesses. The laudering of the hands is one practical one of simple asepsis that continues being the main form to prevent and to control the infections, without significant responsibilities for the institutions, beyond generating extensible benefits to those involved ones in the care process, having to configure itself as a habit that all the health professionals must carry through before and after any procedure, either invasive it or not. (GONALVES, 2009 apud GENZ, 1998; TIMBY, 1996) Gonalves, (2009), apud, Brazil, (2007), agree despite the laudering of the hands is essential in the hospital routine. The control of infections in the sector of health, englobando the practical ones of hygienic cleaning of the hands, concurs for improvement of the quality in the attendance and assistance for the customer and takes care of the legal and ethical requirements. The improvements of this practical are unquestioned, therefore it assists in the reduction of the morbimortalidade of the patients and also it reduces costs related to the treatment of the infectious pictures. In the item to explain the procedure to the patient, was gotten a percentage of 94,44% (17 technician) that they had not carried through the explanation to the patient.

He keeps the conscientious patient about the invasive procedure, facilitates the accomplishment of this, therefore the patient being calm the sanguineous vases presents itself dilatados congratulating the visualization of these diminishing the risk of errors in the handling. In the requirement to pave the gloves, was detected the percentage of 94,44% that it indicates the accomplishment of this stage. It stops Smeltzer and Bare, (2004) ' ' it prevents the exposition of the nurse to the blood of the patient and the patient and nurse to ltex' ' In the phase of election for the place of the puno, it was gotten 83, 33% (15 technician) had carried through correctly.