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A clear definition is needed on the population of which is going to take the sample. The next step concerns the metrodo that was used to select the sample. These methods can be classified according to its procedures, this is regarding whether he is a probability or non-probability. With probabilistic methods, each element of the population has a known chance of being selected for the sample. Non-probabilistic include an aleatorio-simple sampling, a sampling in groups and a stratified sampling. The third issue concerns the size of the sample.

The appropriate sample size depends on many considerations. These range from formulas accurate statistics to determine the sample size, until general considerations related to cost, the value and accuracy of the information necessary for decision-making. It is not something Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation would like to discuss. 6 Collect data process of data collection is critical since, generally, it comprises a large proportion of the budget allocated to research and a large portion of the toral error, in the results of the investigation. The selection, training and control of the interviewers are essential in effective market research studies. 7. Process data once the data have been starts its processing. This includes the functions of editing and encoding. Editing includes the review of the formats in which have been collected data regarding readability, consistency, and their full inclusion.

Encoding covers categories for answers or groups of responses, so they can use numerals to represent categories. 8 Analyze the data there are three forms of analysis: the univariate, the bivariate and multivariate the. THE varied refers to the consideration of each of the variables separately. The objective is to achieve a more thorough data group description. THE bivariate refers to the relationship between two variables, while the multivariate analysis comprises the simultaneous analysis of three or more variables. The objective of the analysis bivariate and multivariate the is primarily explanatory. 9 Submit research results the results of the investigation are released to the Manager, through a report written and oral presentation. The result must be present in a simple and focused format towards the information needs of the decision situation. Well I hope you find it useful original author and source of the article.