The Land

This phenomenon also brings as consequence the fact of that in the hemisphere where the day is summer it is presented longer than in the hemisphere where is winter, where the nights are that they will be longer. In only two occasions throughout the year the Land reaches the specific position where the inclination of its axle of rotation confers an act of receiving of solar light uniform in both the hemispheres (ASIMOV, 1979). In such a way it has an equitable duration between day clearly and night (equinoxes of spring and autumn; the proper term equinox means ‘ ‘ nights iguais’ ‘). Differences of decurrent temperatures of different distanciamento in each hemisphere Even so the existence of the inclination of the axle of rotation of the Land is the true explanation for the phenomenon of the stations of the year? orbital differences not involving alterations of distanciamento of the Land to the Sun? errors of interpretation or insufficience of data can still lead to other errors. TODAY gathered all the information. Some didactic books, exactly giving the correct explanation affirming that the stations of the year must to the inclination of the axle of rotation of the Land, can leave the impression of that the temperature differences occur because data hemisphere of the Land are next to the Sun to the step that other is more distant. As the Land has about 12.756 kilometers of diameter (ASIMOV, 1979) the alteration of distance to the Sun enters the hemisphere next to star and the hemisphere most distant would be of, in the maximum, some thousands of kilometers. If this difference was enough to produce temperature alterations perceivable? e, therefore, worthy of being led in account? the phenomenon of the differences of distanciamento of the Land to the Sun throughout its orbit would be true to explain the stations of the year, since such changes are of the order of 147 million kilometers in the perihelion the 152 million in the aphelion, what of the one difference of 5 million kilometers in the distance of the Land to the Sun. ..