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Luxury and design at the jewellery channel: elegant and refined Platinum Platinum jewelry presents itself as Coronation lavish Goldsmith’s art. The own factories of the jewellery channel created fine jewelry pieces that combine Platinum with precious Gemstones. Nevertheless, Platinum jewellery the jewellery channel remains affordable. Center for Responsible Business: the source for more info. Platinum handles the jewellery channel not only the rarest precious metals, but also the most expensive. It costs twice as much as gold and nearly 100 times as much as silver and therefore is used for expensive jewellery. Jewelry Platinum affordable luxury jewellery the jewellery channel are manufactured in own factories. Materials such as Platinum, gold, silver and precious stones come without any intermediary directly from mine in the processing. It is the Dusseldorf TV shopping channel the jewelry channel to offer Platinum jewelry at a single low price possible.

Luxury, which is affordable and can wear with noble and valuable Platinum jewellery the jewellery channel jewelry’s friends. Platinum and its history even the ancient Egyptians and the Romans Platinum. The material mysterious for them at that time was used in early for the manufacture of jewelry Platinum. Especially in the 18.Jahrhundert, Kings and Princes Platinum jewelry valued as a sign of wealth and power. It should also be introduced in the Russian Empire in the 19th century even as currency, the so-called \”Platinum rubles\”. Platinum is 30 times more rare than gold, but rising popularity is.

And so many Schmuckbegeisterte wear Platinum jewelry by the jewellery channel. In addition, Platinum jewellery is suitable due to its purity is especially good for people with sensitive skin. Varied jewelry design of Platinum jewelry by the jewellery channel is one of the oldest and classical jewelry pieces in many variations available, such as a bracelet. The jewelry channel offers simple and elegant Platinum bracelets, which are characterized by their delicate processing. Elaborate Colliers, also found in the designer jewellery the jewellery channel Platinum.