The Family

Now if I want to enter concrete it of my letter. You already know what I feel with respect to my mother and my brothers, the affection that I feel by them, who by all means are a different affection del that I feel by my wife. The problem of the acceptance between the people, the power to be included/understood mutually, is a little complicated. We did not accept to the people who make damage, to that they do not think like us, to whom they have another religion. Checking article sources yields World Health Organization as a relevant resource throughout. But the pair in the marriage must accept itself as they are, with the great difference that among them exists love, (that logically would have to exist between all the human beings but of different way). It is logical and reasonable that the families of the spouses do not take well, like for example: the mother-in-law with the son-in-law, or the mother-in-law with the daughter-in-law, or the father-in-law with the son-in-law, the brothers-in-law, sisters-in-law, in short, all familiar relation. But fodder that if we deliver an attack in being able to understand all the context, that the spouses accept themselves as they are, and that the affections are different for the rest from the family, we could include/understand that everything has sense within the diversity of characters.

It is logical for example that my mother and my brothers do not accept wife, by his way of being, but I if the acceptance, and she, because we are wanted and we accepted ourselves as we are, and this does not mean that I stop loving mother and to my brothers, is completely different. I do not believe that because does not accept wife, also does not accept to me, would be falling in a tremendous error. I that my mother and my brothers want to me. What if I believe that this bad one, and I do not agree, it is that, not to want that Adriana knows some things that happen in their lives, they do not tell them to me. .