The Day

I will never forget that moment of despair, my heart beating with more momentum that never and not emotion, was beating that way by the desperation of wanting you to take my arms, embrace you, pray that you stay, me cuidaras, and I juraras that you were never going to go. Unfortunately not always what we want to internally is what life gives us, but everything was pure perfection and happiness just like fairy tales where everything ends in a happy always, more sad still is knowing that will not love you like you crave, to not give you what so exasperadamente want to give to others. And although humans inquire into the sources deeper to please those who love and make their dreams a reality, extent of our ability, and that they end up feeling a complete paradise, don’t you realize that the only thing you reach is to build your own hell, an abyss in which your das and das without limits and continuing with strategic hope that sometime you will be which will receive a Paradise disguised in the form of gift. But at the end of the story you discover that although that didn’t interest you receive that immense gift, you only mattered lifting a huge eden at his side, but now is that this is the enormous price we must pay. Even today when the sun rises I wake up thinking that I can forgive, cleanse my soul, and return to the forces and energies that previously characterized my life, and spent the day convinced that more than a challenge is an obligation in my pardon that both cost me to deliver, but at night, home, drink a glass of water, I read my favorite book, and I go to bed on a bed for two, close my eyes and my only mind are images of his departure, images that haunts me and will not let me fall asleep, images that cost me overcome, and born in my hope to be together, talking for hours and hours without stopping, telling us jokes when it was small and remember how much I love him, and at that point in the night they roll tears down my cheek, and blame him for all the unhappiness that sits in my, blame him for my sadnessblame him for the damage caused, and they do not appear in my desire to forgive, nor believe in second chances, and I wonder that second opportunities if this so far me, anyway if is not in the moments more important to my side, if not find it to get home, if not can advise me when I need help, if leave me without repentance, as being able to forgive everything if in spite of this I can remember that he was to who I most admired, who played with me without thinking of tiredness, was the love of my life and being that I most wanted to among all the men in the Galaxy, he was my hero, I believe in my love for sports, made magic in his hands, and useless wooden toys, how to forget all this if you still are that the is and will be my fatherHow?