The Company

We offer different types from property and places where to celebrate a wedding with us. In the weddings an important subject for us is the decoration and election of all the details meticulously, with which the fianc2es want to surprise and to do of their wedding an unforgettable day. With the companies we have a daily service of orders and company meals, and also we worked with them for events of greater magnitude like the commemorative celebrations of Christmas, events, presentations, prizes, etc. We looked for ideas continuously to adapt catering to the image that wishes to show the company, like for example the personalisation of appetizer and candies of the Laurel with the corporative colors and logos. Concerning individuals, we make all type of celebrations, from communions and baptisms to celebrations for smallest like, birthday, requests of hand, anniversaries, etc. . These events can be realised as much in houses or the premises, that the individual or the company proposes, or him some of the property or the premises can be offered with which the Laurel works habitually. In a wedding, how works the Laurel? In the Laurel they are implied from the beginning with the fianc2es to be able to advise and to advise to them to them in everything what they need and they wish for the day of its wedding. Initially they make one first taking of contact where they raise the diverse options to him that can choose, from the type of wedding, if they want a banquet seated or they prefer a wedding cocktail type, as well as the different property with which they work and the menus that can be offered to them. Later, after the fianc2es have some ideas exceeds what they want, have an interview with them in which a tasting of test of different plates is offered to them and appetizer that has been offered to them.