The Cameron

For many years he investigated the Saints affiliated India, Scriptures like the Vedas and the Bhagavadita, and it also focussed his attention on the avatars. He describes in his book the secret of the avatars”whose teachings, that is released in July in Germany. “” Avatara concept (Sanskrit, m.), avat? ra, means as much as descent “, by ava-down” and t? Cross”). What is meant is a God or a divine aspect, which takes the form of a human or animal and thus fulfills a kind of Mission for the good of the Earth and of humanity. Something that complies with the requirements of the present moment, make it here to a balance on the Earth. Amstrong repeatedly emphasized that are both behind the film and behind his book, the will and the effect of something bigger. He makes it clear that the people and the planet we inhabit, will precede a significant turning point, and direct it with the support of the spiritual teachings of the avatars in the direction of a good and liveable for future generations. As you see at the Cameron and Amstrong more detail can read India was and many other indigenous peoples over many millennia great secrets of life, which involves a greater harmony between people and the Earth.

Dream it is just this connection, which many indigenous peoples so appreciated and respected thereof were respekt-and loving dealing with each other today as many viewers of avatar can be”of such a coexistence. Certainly aspects of this original intent were linked to artfully avatar the fabric of the film. Yes, unconsciously Cameron managed even the ground for one of the most important concepts of spiritual literature of India at all. Thus he pointed out the necessity that the spiritual teachings of the avatars put back into our consciousness, based on mutual appreciation, love and respect for the Earth and all life.