The Adversaries

This that seems so simple supposes a deep change. He is crucial to offset the vulnerability that brings about the dialogue. He is interesting to verify that as advances the dialogue the participants discover that the friendship feeling even extends to others with those who they do not have much common. This takes place if the will exists to consider itself mutually like companions. Suspending the assumptions it supposes the risk of certain vulnerability. Treating as companions settle down certain security to confront this risk.

It is easy to feel comradeship when all agree. However when there is deep disagreements are difficult. But the result can be greater if we decided to see the adversaries like companions with other perspective. The benefits can be very great. As much the condition for suspending supposed like seeing itself like companions, is not easy to satisfy. But verified shortage is had and that many equipment is around the challenge if they know beforehand what is expected of them. In deepest of each there is a dialogue yearning whenever it is possible in an organization especially when one concentrates in subjects of extreme importance for all.

The dialogue facilitates much the presence of coach or expert who it maintains the context until the group learns. In the absence of an expert your habits have been pushing to you for the discussion and they move away to you of the dialogue. You believe in your opinions and you wish that they prevail. It troubles to suspend all the assumptions to you. Perhaps you even think: There are some assumptions to which I must cling not to lose the identity? Coach or expert of a dialogue session fulfills many of the functions of good coach of processes. These functions include to help the people to comprise of the process and its results. Coach must maintain the context of the dialogue, the flow, the dialogue in march.