Telephone Conversations

A telephone conversation has high requirements not only to correct speech, but also to the rapidity of reaction, the ability to articulate thoughts and communicate it in clear, graceful sentences. Well, when the operator call center sense of individuality, and he's able to clothe his thought in words, avoiding stereotyped phrases. Original, but understandable pace attract attention, help to establish closer contact between the client and operator call center, help callers to remember, and his proposals. Another integral feature of the general culture – knowledge and use of telephone etiquette. Compliance with simple rules helps to avoid incorrect interpretation of the message, get out of difficult situations with minimal losses to the company's image, once again demonstrate the attention to the customer, and thus win it.

When the operator calls the customer call center to receive either to clarify some information, it should do so in a manner so as not to inconvenience the other party. For example, if the latter is in a hurry, we should summarize the purpose of the call and set up a time when the best time to call. It is important to talk when there is confidence that the client has enough time to talk. This allows you to show respect to the other party and its plans to call the location for the upcoming conversation. In During the call, the call center operator is important to follow some simple rules that will highlight the attention to the client. For example, you can not clamp the microphone with your hand, to exchange a few words with colleagues – interlocutor can hear.