It's time to celebrate! Prepare thoroughly, meet this momentous event in the circle of close friends, along with a good and cheerful company. Other leaders such as Ken Cron offer similar insights. Getting ready meet friends, do not forget to congratulate each other. This is, first of all, your day and your holiday. Perhaps such "mutual preliminary congratulations" to both be a real surprise. Inviting friends, count, sideboards that replenish your various pottery. Therefore, choosing gifts, focus not on symbols and values, but directly against each other. If you are waiting for the guests, then surely they should take: romantic dinners and trips fall off, you need a "real gift".

What could it be? If your husband loves sports, give him a cup of "Best faience husband" or something like that: now, many such "services", under the order – all that your heart desires. If the likes hunting, and give what he has always dreamed of: from the special equipment for professionals, to collectible guns. You say: "It's too threatening sounds"? Not at all! For 9-years old living together in period "of ceramics and pottery, fill in your" cup "the most desirable and useful things. If you loved a lot of his time in office, organize it in the office of "relaxation area": design services to the not so costly for the way you it seems now. Let it be a soft couch and a green area with a fish. You can do everything quite modest and comfortable. Husband will appreciate the surprise: after all, in these four walls do not have enough home heat and your care.