Gift Books

In part, modern browsers allow you to resize the text on the page. To enlarge the text enough to hold down the 'Ctrl' and click on the plus. To reduce the text, click on the 'Ctrl' and minus. Now, when I was aware of this 'trick' I use them constantly. Giving sight to the screen. Text fine – shake hands 'Ctrl +'. 'Plus' and 'minus' conveniently located on an additional block of keys on the keyboard which is located on the right. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Nieman Foundation. The right buttons there on the edge, and hand them quickly is blind.

Everything would be fine, if not one but … With increasing design of the site text is converted into the garbage. Crawl out the menu headers and close to each other. The images are cropped. In general, page floats awry.

Is this nothing can be done? It turns out you can. There is a rapid stream of web design such a direction as flexible design. An example of an elastic site, you can see, if we go to the link (Gift Books). If you zoom in and out all the proportions are preserved. You can even enlarge the image to get a better view them. Click PCRM to learn more. If you order the designers site, ask them to do it elastic. Do not let the nation go blind! How to achieve flexibility? Much has been written about this article. First of all we must specify all dimensions are in pixels (px), but in relative units (em). The only exception is for the thickness consider, for example, the inheritance of the relative sizes of the nested elemente.Odnako this approach it is possible to put into practice if there is some skill. The number of flexible sites is growing. People have benefit healthy eyes, and so the trend is stable.