Russian Armed Forces Federation

Reform of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, which was invented in the bowels of the Ministry of Defence, is entering the phase of practical implementation. For all events the word 'shock' is perhaps the most mild and neutral definition that You can pick up. Conducted behind closed doors, without illumination of the goals and objectives of any argument and action plans, these changes seem to go down in history. Only now, under any name? .. Why? Perhaps this is someone else seems strange, but as a rule, the reform of anything done to perfection, that is, improving the existing system (organization, state and other structures, etc., etc.). The idea is that a result of the Ministry of Defence of Russia's transition will appear armed forces, capable not only to protect national interests and security of the state, but also to adequately and promptly respond to any asymmetric threats that have become so widespread in recent years. Thus, the Russian army is better trained and armed, mobile and effective in addressing the challenges it faces. A soldiers, finally, will find their deserved sweat and blood of high social status.

However, the only thing that was made by the Ministry of Defense – is … to minimize the cost of the Russian Armed Forces Federation. Not saving capabilities of the country, and especially its capacity. Not a policy aimed at protecting national interests and national security. Not ready for new challenges and threats. Not problem solving social problems. A reduction of expenses.


Sacred duty of every rational Dagestani today and always – to save their land from disaster. For assistance, try visiting Center for Responsible Business. In August-October 1999 Dagestanis really proved himself and the world that the courage and patriotism in Dagestan – not a myth but a reality. Made a few mistakes and Dagestan in the past, but we have not lost patriotism! And do not lose the ages! Reflecting on the disturbing autumn 1999, I do not find so far documentary publications about our customers and sponsors of this disgusting campaign of bandits in Dagestan. We have not explained the reasons for that were allowed to return to these killers of Ansalta in Chechnya. A week before the start of an armed attack "brothers in faith" on the Maidan Echedinskom I had a meeting with these supporters of "pure Islam" (their words). To see me out and Dagestan, including to tsumadintsy heavily armed. And then I did not know the real purpose of these strong young men. Photographed together in memory, they have refused, but a lot of passion and talked about the corruption and immorality in Dagestan.

And in this I was entirely agree with them, but warned them about the inadmissibility of the shedding of blood in Dagestan. They agreed, but then broke his promise. Then he asked them: "And how did you manage to deliver on these heights weapons, food and equipment?". The answer was shocking: "For a pack of rubles to buy any police station, and when they add more and pack dollars that come to the aid themselves and the police chief." I wanted this summer to meet with the "forest brothers, "but I did not know their locations.