Therefore taken in this authorities towards the objective measures can not be perceived as a valuable aid in solving the housing problem, especially in the whole country. It seems that the solution of vital "housing" can not considered in isolation from the problems of the vast untapped land resources. It is in this area should concentrate all efforts of political will. Our country holds a special place among other nations of the world by virtue of the fact that it has the most extensive natural and, above all, land in the world. As it has recently declared: "The endless expanse of Russia – a national property, our national pride. " However, in the present circumstances in connection with the adoption of some frankly unpopular policy decisions, this slogan has lost its original meaning.

Now vast expanses and rich natural resources become the property of individual masters. And because it is they have a big responsibility to the people for their rational use and development. Global systemic crisis of modernity, which blew all the scientists Peace is the result of including the lack of understanding by man of his actual role and place in the universe among the rest of the fauna and flora. Now is the time when the Russian state policy should be structured in such a way that any ordinary member of our society in harmony felt himself a part of the Earth's biosphere, all natural body. We are the real witnesses to how the prevailing technocratic conditions of society are most severe and intolerable conditions for human life. Everyone who lives in the metropolis, is feeling the most acute. Identity we have ceased to be independent and fell into a slavish dependence on the illusory life values.

What is now proclaimed as signs of a successful person in society? Individualism, the rejection of family upbringing, insatiable consumption, neglect moral principles for the sake of achieving the goal – the so-called principle of "the end justifies the means" and other similar principles. This in turn causes a person to confine only to meet life-supporting material needs. We cease to think of existence, its mission, the company's continued spiritual development. At first glance, our little philosophical digression from the main theme of the article may seem inappropriate. But this is not the case. Because one of the major factors that influence the situation described, is the habitat and the first condition of the land and associated Housing the country. There is a well-founded fear that soon the planet will equal the rural population to urban population on. And as we know from the Russian saying, town village feed. All can expect situation of famine. Fortunately, in recent years, more and more people are starting ponimatobrechennost existing path of development and are willing to change their lives. Even now, without waiting for "manna" and the indulgence of the authorities, citizens to themselves take responsibility for changing their own lifestyle and social life, come together in groups and legal associations to solve pressing problems associated with land clearance, construction, planting perennial crops, furnishing of public places, etc. The most promising in this respect is the organization of ecological communities. Therefore, the main goal of any national project, and especially related to address the most pressing needs of citizens, should be to achieve a set of conditions dlyarazvitiya small forms of land through the establishment of ecological communities.